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Having a third child...

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toomanyteens Wed 29-May-13 19:36:17

hi betsyboon.
i had 2 children very close together (a year apart)when my youngest was 18 months i had a tubal tie as our family was definitely complete.i developed an infection straight after op and found out (mothers day!)that i was 6 weeks pregnant, tubal tie had failed !! I was offered a termination immediately but decided to go ahead with my pregnancy
but i cant begin to tell you the shock and disbelief, my husband and i were stunned. we had given all our baby stuff away and were looking forward to getting sleep at last.
to get around i had a double buggy and a baby sling (triple buggys- very expensive and too big too push around for long) and yes it was at times an absolute nightmare managing work, (went part time as grandparents couldn't cope with 3 under 4)but it was then and still is a home full of noise,chatter and general mayhem! however i have never regretted my decision to have my third 'surprise' baby.
our 3 children are all late teens now and yes itwas and still is more expensive as its one more mouth to feed, one more extra treat,one more on public transport,entrance fee, pair of shoes,school uniform etc etc. but the joy definitely outweighs the expense.when they were small my main thing was not having 3 knees (one for each child !) i will not say it is easy but 1 child can be a handful. my 2 daughters and son are the best things i have ever achieved.
if you both want another baby i would say go for it. My daughter was the icing on the cake !!

betsyboon Wed 22-May-13 20:34:33

Thank you so much for your help. I will try and work out how to do that... If in doubt I'll have another go at starting a thread.
Thanks smile

Thumbtack Tue 21-May-13 08:19:53

Hi - I would post this in 'Parenting' for a higher volume of traffic, you will get more answers. smile

I think if you 'report' your own message and request to transfer it to another topic - say chat or parenting- they will do it for you.

hope this helps

welcome to MN

I cant help - ive only got one 7mo boy atm - good luck!

betsyboon Mon 20-May-13 10:14:45

Hi all, I'm new to mums net and not sure of the jargon but I have 2 beautiful daughters (4yrs & 22mths) and the husband and I are talking about baby number 3!!

My heart loves the idea but my brain questions the logistics, costs and practicalities... For example, Our local pool only lets you swim 1 adult to 1 child ratio to the age of 8 so swimming would be really tricky.

I want to make an informed decision and any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time out x

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