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Any Mums/Dads who work in Marketing and would not mind if I picked their brains?

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BeetrootOldDeer Tue 23-May-06 09:40:13


meowmix Tue 23-May-06 09:56:03

I'm in marcoms/PR - ask away

BeetrootOldDeer Tue 23-May-06 09:59:42

can you eamil me on beetroot beetroot dot co dot uk

BeetrootOldDeer Tue 23-May-06 10:26:03


BeetrootOldDeer Tue 23-May-06 10:27:07

beetroot beetroot at hotmail dot co dot uk ..

sorry missed out the hotmail in the last one..

BeetrootOldDeer Tue 23-May-06 11:47:08

anyone else

WishICouldGiveUpWork Tue 23-May-06 18:41:42

I do and am happy to help if I can....

sandradee Tue 23-May-06 20:33:34

so do I but it depends what you want to ask?

BeetrootOldDeer Wed 24-May-06 09:31:55

thanks is really helpful and given me loads of ideas to mull over...

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