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Views on dodgy PC Repair

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slotnicki Mon 22-May-06 21:39:14

Last week my PC wouldn't go into windows, kepting rebooting and eventually displayed a message re corrupted files. I took it for repair and, when I collected it was told that it had had a virus.

It only worked for two days before the original problem came back. I phoned the shop to complain and was told that they hadn't actually undone the machine and that there might be something wrong from within. However they told me that there would be a further charge to investigate.

I told them that the £50 I had paid for the first repair was a waste of money. The guy told me that it wasn't, that it had been a gamble and that it could have worked!

I am thinking about pursuing this, as it doesn't seem quite right. However as I know nothing about PCs, need to know what the experts think.

morningpaper Mon 22-May-06 21:41:30

WEeeeeeel this kind of thing happens all the time

Pc's just go up and down

Unless you had paperwork to say that their work was guaranteed for X days then there isn't much you can do really

They are being a bit mean, but not unreasonable

What is the message?

slotnicki Mon 22-May-06 21:49:36

Interestingly, the bill purporst to guarantee the work (sorry the same message is also posted above, as it didn't appear to have posted.

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