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CSA... Deduction order for employer

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rainbowfeet Sat 18-May-13 16:27:03

Just wondered if anyone has any experience with the CSA & them ordering absent parents employer to deduct from their salary?? Was it successful?
Ds's Dad has refused to co-operate with the CSA & fill out forms for payment or take their calls this goes back to oct 2012.. He asked for DNA test (to be hurtful & pro-long proceedings) this was done in jan 2013..
Last conversation with CSA was that he had missed the last deadline to voluntarily arrange monthly payments so an order has been issued to his employer & the 1st payment date to me is set for 19th may!!!! They assured me his employer (his friend) has to comply with this order of face prosecution, but I've heard such bad stories re-CSA actually living up to what they promise. Just wondered if anyone else has been through this process? Any advice welcome, thank you.

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