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What do you think of these places for a wedding reception?

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Smurfgirl Mon 22-May-06 17:19:59

Any thoughts on these?

Hardwick Hall
The Treebridge
If anyone can suggest anymore places in the Teesside area that would be lovely.

dinosaure Mon 22-May-06 17:22:03

Smurfgirl, are you getting married? To the bloke who was your housemate? Wow!

Smurfgirl Mon 22-May-06 17:25:21

Yes I am posted a pic of my engagement ring here pic of me and him in there as well.

dinosaure Mon 22-May-06 17:28:28

Fantastic! I remember you posting about how you weren't sure if he fancied you or not! I guess he did, eh??


(No help on the venues, by the way, sorry.)

Smurfgirl Mon 22-May-06 19:14:55

Thanks Dino

Bump, it doesn't matter if you don't know them in person, impressions off the websites would be good.

YellowFeathers Mon 22-May-06 19:20:11


The Judges looks very nice as does Pinchinthorpe but having said that they all do.

I like the old and grand look about the Judges. It all depends on your tastes I suppose and what each one offers.

Smurfgirl Mon 22-May-06 19:31:07

yellowfeathers are you nbg? if so you HAVE to go and eat at these places when you move, fab fab food

YellowFeathers Mon 22-May-06 19:33:33

Yes its me

I noticed the second one was at Eaglescliffe. I think I've heard about one or two through dh's work when they go for work do's.

Its my b'day next Monday but I doubt we'll have gone by then. Could always have a late celebration though

Which one do you like the most?

Smurfgirl Mon 22-May-06 19:38:50

Umm. Parkmore because its soo near the church and good value, Judges because it is GORGEOUS (hideously expensive tho) and Pinchinthorpe, but that might be too far away. Hmm.

Am crap at even beginning to think about making decisions, they ALL have a few 2008 bookings so need to think about making decisions so I get where I want.

YellowFeathers Mon 22-May-06 19:47:52

Next thing is have you been round them and spoke to their wedding people if they have any?

We originally had booked a similar place to where your looking at called Bagden Hall. We called and the wedding planner there took us round and showed us where things took place like the bands/dj, dancefloor, where they had the photographs done, the bedrooms for guests and the honeymoon suite and even little things like the different colour napkins you could have if you wanted a colour scheme!

Smurfgirl Mon 22-May-06 20:44:36

I rang them all for brochures.
I am seeing my parents in 2 weeks with dp and we are going to judges because when we rang they said that if we come on a sat morning we can see the room all set up for a wedding. Going to a wedding fair at Hardwick in September, will see all the others too, just tough fitting it in round mine and dp's different work schedual and we live 2 hrs away with no car!

Was it helpful being shown round?

WideWebWitch Mon 22-May-06 20:47:59

Oh fab Smurfgirl! congratulations! We TOLD you he liked you, we did, we did!

YellowFeathers Mon 22-May-06 20:49:54

Yes very helpful. Got me more excited too
I think it was nice knowing that there was a person there that actually dealt with weddings too rather than it just being left to hotel staff IYSWIM.
They also gave me some good recommendations too like photographers, bands, florists etc.

It will be nice to see it all set up.
I thought you lived in that area?

Smurfgirl Mon 22-May-06 20:52:00

Live in Hull now, am from Yarm. Still sort of call Yarm home.

WWW he might just like me a bit

Smurfgirl Mon 22-May-06 20:53:06

Oh and anyone who has got married. What do I look for in terms of places to take photos? Do I need a big area or just a little one?

YellowFeathers Mon 22-May-06 20:54:34

That is a bit of a journey then.

I remember your original thread too

YellowFeathers Mon 22-May-06 20:56:37

When you book your venue ask to look at their pics and when you look for the photographer ask them if they have done any wedding pics at that place and if you can have a look.

Smurfgirl Mon 22-May-06 21:01:46

Thanks yellowfeathers, thats really helpful! I want an autumn wedding so I know I need to look for nice places to take pictures indoor in case it rains. I still can't believe that I am engaged soo excited that I get my dream wedding with such a wonderful person.

widgetgirl Tue 23-May-06 11:50:46

And don't forget balloons!!

WestCountryLass Wed 24-May-06 21:04:32

The Treebridge looks nice!

They all look nice but that one stood out

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