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soupy soup soup soupydragon

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Tortington Mon 22-May-06 08:37:23

howdy doody you old dragonbat.

how are you today?

Tortington Mon 22-May-06 11:53:30

eh? eh? well?

<taps feet>

Tortington Mon 22-May-06 12:40:15

hmm? what was tht you said soupy? i missed it

SoupDragon Mon 22-May-06 13:08:04

Um... fine. And your good self? All nice and custardy-with-no-lumps-in-it I take it?

SoupDragon Mon 22-May-06 13:08:39

<<quivers having attracted the attention of Custardo>>

motherinferior Mon 22-May-06 13:08:45

Soupy, please oh please can you post your chocolate chip cookie recipe again???

PinkKerPlink Mon 22-May-06 13:09:14

is this a private thread or can anyone join?

Tortington Mon 22-May-06 13:16:08

noticed your other thread - yesterday. and so thought i would ask how you were today.

Tortington Mon 22-May-06 13:16:44

am all lumps. nowt smooth about me - but i think you all guessed that already

Tortington Mon 22-May-06 13:16:53

anyone can join.

Tortington Mon 22-May-06 13:17:10

no cliques here - move along move along.

SoupDragon Mon 22-May-06 13:23:23

She's screaming on the sofa at the moment so, kind mummy that I am, I'm going to take her to the GP to have her 2nd lot of jabs. That'll teach her to mess with me.

She was all smiles and cute gurgling at her sodding swimming lesson this morning and now she's miserable. And screaming. Loudly.

Thanks for asking.

Not sure which choc chip recipe MI - the one that was like cookie shop ones and welded itself tothe baking trays?

motherinferior Mon 22-May-06 13:29:27

THat one, I think - Pidge gave me some and I have been slavering ever since...

Prufrock Mon 22-May-06 13:34:55

Soupy - I have it as a word doc so can post it here in a mo - save the baby dragonette being disturbed

Prufrock Mon 22-May-06 13:36:56

175g plain chocolate, chopped
100g unsalted butter, diced
2 eggs
90g granulated sugar
50g light brown sugar
50g plain flour
1 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tsp baking powder
2 tsp vanilla extract
pinch of salt
100g toasted pecan nuts, chopped
25g plain chocolate cut into chunks
150g milk chocolate cut into chunks
150g white chocolate cut into chunks

1) Preheat oven to 160c/32f/GM3. Grease 2 large baking sheets.
2) Melt the plain chocolate and butter in a saucepan over a low heat, stirring constantly until smooth. Remove from heat and set to one side to cool.
3) In a large bowl, beat together the eggs and sugar until pale and creamy (2-3 minute with an electric mixer). Add the chocolate mixture, beating until well blended.
4) Beat in the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, vanilla essence and salt until just blended.
5) Put mixture in fridge for 15 minutes or so whilst you chop the chocolate and nuts
6) Add the nuts & chocolate chunks and stir.
6) Drop small teaspoon sized blobs of mixture onto the baking sheets allowing space for spreading.
6) Bake for 8-10 minutes until the tops are shiny and cracked and the edges look crisp. 8 mins at 160c in a fan oven is sufficient. Mine didn't go shiny but they were firm to look at and soft to the touch - they firm up as they cool. Do not overbake.
7) Cool on the sheets for a couple of minutes and then remove from the sheets to a wire rack to cook. Try to resist the temptation to eat them straight from the oven as the melted chocolate chips burn

There you go

Prufrock Mon 22-May-06 13:39:01

Whilst I'm here, I just want to say the hug st Thank you to Soupy for this recipe - It's become my staple for pre-school events and everyone asks for the recipe and is amazingly complimentary about them.

motherinferior Mon 22-May-06 13:43:36


Prufrock Mon 22-May-06 14:21:56

Ooh - actually there's an error - should be big desert spoonfuls- did try it with teaspoons to make smaller ones fro a fete, but you don't get the yummy gooeiness (sp? - if it's even a word) in teh middle with the smaller ones. I reckon on 6 to a rectangular baking sheet, and 18 in total

Prufrock Mon 22-May-06 14:23:09

Oh, and I always follow soupy's later tip to use greaseprrof paper on the baking sheets so you can peel it off, because otherwise they do weld themselves to teh tray

SoupDragon Mon 22-May-06 17:06:44

Haven't made these for aaaaages.... <<drool>>

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