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Tesco vouchers - how many DO you need for a computer?

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SecondhandRose Sun 21-May-06 16:20:18

I've been told you need 1 million vouchers for one computer, that can't be right, no school would ever get one. Any ideas anyone?

GeorginaA Sun 21-May-06 16:22:41

Sounds about right tbh.

There was a thing about it on the BBC about it being a rip off:

School Vouchers: are they a rip off?

SaintGeorge Sun 21-May-06 16:23:33

Between 25-30K depending on model required.

Schools can bank the tokens though and carry them over to the next year.

JanH Sun 21-May-06 16:23:50

I thought it was more like 50000 - maybe the #1m would be the cost of the spending required to get one.

GeorginaA Sun 21-May-06 16:23:57

(that was about 5 years ago now though, although I doubt its changed much)

SaintGeorge Sun 21-May-06 16:26:33

Works out at about £25,000 spent to buy the cheapest model (up to date figures, I checked).

fattiemumma Sun 21-May-06 18:48:06


thats a ridiculous amount. what about schools in deprived area's where the parents are living on tight budgets where they are lucky to even Get a voucher with the shopping. they stand no chance of getting anywhere.

SaintGeorge Sun 21-May-06 18:59:03

They are silly amounts but there are also software/books available for smaller amounts.

Not that I am defending the awful Tesco but

"Tesco Computers for Schools is now in its 15th year. Since the scheme began in 1992 schools have received over £100 million worth of computer equipment, including almost 58,000 computers & more than 700,000 items of additional equipment, such as printers & software."

That would have to be an awful lot of fundraising by schools and parents if the scheme wasn't there.

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