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Wooden/ laminated floorboards in a cool room

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biglips Sun 21-May-06 10:48:39

would you have it put down in a cool room? as ive got carpet atm and thinking of changing it

mysonsmummy Sun 21-May-06 10:59:11

i had carpet in front room and laminate everywhere else. when ds was baby wanted him to have the feel of carpet when rolling and crawling. got fed up of asking people to take shoes off and sometimes you just cant if they are a workmen of something. also with ds now a 4 year old he couldnt have a drink unless he spilt it. so replaced it with laminate this week - bliss now feels so clean not dusty anymore. however, was surprised how cold it was on my feet. thought i would have got used to it. so will buy rug for middle of room from ikea. p.s didnt mean to go into story lol.

biglips Sun 21-May-06 11:03:21

lol - no worries

does your room feel cold or it is the same as before?

biglips Sun 21-May-06 12:50:27


biglips Sun 21-May-06 15:48:34


saadia Sun 21-May-06 16:06:59

We now have laminate all downstairs and in the bedrooms. I do have to wear socks all the time as I find it cold and I do suspect that it makes the room cooler so therefore more heating is required. Sometimes I miss carpet and the warmth and cosiness of it, but laminate is so much easier to keep clean. But defintely I find that it is cooler.

biglips Sun 21-May-06 22:54:37

hhmmm! may keep the carpet then

nursetigger6 Sun 21-May-06 23:17:46

I have laminate through my middle floor (in three storey house) and by the front door. By the door it is great, especially on wet rainy days, just get the swiffer and clean up the foot prints not absorbed by the mat. Do miss carpet though. Also in the conservatory the people who put the laminate down did't put good quality stuff down and with the condensation and the heat the boards have started to buckle.

TheLadyVanishes Mon 22-May-06 08:41:21

what about underfloor heating tho, or is that very expensive to run? am thinking about getting laminate in my lounge but not sure now

jaamy Sun 04-Jun-06 00:47:29

Biglips - hope you're not going to make your super carpet cleaner redundant!! Have a feeling that "carpet cleaner" is secretly your DP!
We're trying to decide what flooring to use in our garage conversion (to be used as 2nd sitting room/playroom). Want laminate as carpet in living room is wrecked from "little accidents" but worried about price and feeling cold. Let me know what you decide. Ta x

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