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Do your kids wear pants for bed?

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Northerner Sat 20-May-06 19:58:26

We don't in our house, but neice and nephew having a sleepover and they do.

And if you do why?

Are we odd or are they?

Gloworm Sat 20-May-06 20:00:00

no, we dont
cosier without

(and my family didnt as kids)

tenalady Sat 20-May-06 20:00:32

No, always think you should get a bit of air in the nether region, after all it is the only time it gets a bit of breathing space. My mum never let me, something about bacterial build up and stuff!

hoxtonchick Sat 20-May-06 20:01:32

no. ds was asking why not the other day, i told his willy needed some air at night & he was happy with the explanation!

hoxtonchick Sat 20-May-06 20:01:47

told him

nannyme Sat 20-May-06 23:52:33

Not as a rule.

However, my daughter had worms last year and so wore knickers during the recommended 2 weeks but also beyond due to my paranoia!

misdee Sat 20-May-06 23:53:46

not generally. dd2 is in a nightdress tonight, and i just went in and she is lying with her bottom up mooning me lol.

arfy Sat 20-May-06 23:53:48

yes I think it's rather unhygenic actually - agree your nethers need some air!

serenity Sun 21-May-06 00:09:05

Mine rarely wear pjs, so tend to wear pants in bed instead. Can't see why it's unhygenic really. Surely it's worse to have bare bits in your night clothes night after night, unless you change them everyday too!? (Although that would bother me less with boys than girls tbh)

arfy Sun 21-May-06 00:23:26

oh I was thinking the OP meant pants PLUS PJs which seems a bit odd. Maybe she didn't mean that...
pants instead of PJs fair enough. it's the idea of both that I think is odd

handlemecarefully Sun 21-May-06 00:47:27

ds doesn't because he is still in nappies, but dd does (3.10) because I find that her pjs are less likely to smell of ammonia if she has been wearing her knicks; so I can get a couple of wears out of them (her pjs that is)

arfy Sun 21-May-06 00:55:39

oh well
I guess I'll find out what I'll do when DD is out of nappies. Maybe it makes perfect sense. Can't see us managing a new pair of PJs everyday!

serenity Sun 21-May-06 01:01:28

Just turn into a disorganised slob like me. I can never find a complete set of PJs - I swear DSs eat them in the night - so we really are a household of pants and T's. Me and Dh don't own any night clothes, but have had to give up nekkid sleeping because of small children getting into bed with us. DD is the only one who wears them, but only because there is only one part to a nightdress (and wears pants because I worry her bits will get cold )

threebob Sun 21-May-06 02:26:47

Ds has a new pair of PJs every day - am I odd?

Tortington Sun 21-May-06 02:37:40

not at all, my oldest and favourite son, gets a new matress eery night

threebob Sun 21-May-06 02:56:19

Oh, I didn't want to mention that I also give ds a new bed every night - but I feel okay about it now.

NannyL Sun 21-May-06 19:15:29

i wear knickers under PJs.... am i relaly that odd?

motherinferior Sun 21-May-06 19:17:59


Like the divine Ms Monroe said about pants, "they gag me".

Am clearly unsuitable parent, though, because I don't mind them getting bed with us when we're naked.

puddle Sun 21-May-06 19:25:46

DS no. DD insists on them when she's wearing a nightie. She also insists on socks.

frodofitz Sun 21-May-06 19:30:10

dh feels weird about being naked in bed and 3.4 dss getting in with us, i didn't until today in the loo a very inquisitive dss asked where my peepee was. He has always worn pj's unless very hot and will rather him go free than all constricted in underwear in the night.
I was always made to wear underwear and pj's growing up so can't quite shake off the pj thing.

mousiemousie Sun 21-May-06 19:39:13

healthier not to IMO

Blandmum Sun 21-May-06 19:42:06

Only when they have thread worms

Pernod Sun 21-May-06 21:14:36


Bozza Sun 21-May-06 21:20:41

We don't. I occasionally do when having a period and find that knickers and pj bottoms a bit consticting so might wear a nightie on those nights. Although having said that DH wears his boxers in summer, and pj bottoms in winter but then ditches the boxers.

DS just wears pjs. When he first came out of nappies I thought it was better that he could feel that there was nothing there IYSWIM. Also he is a very hot child and so would get a bit sweaty. The other morning he turned up in just his shorts because apparently it was too hot with a pj top on as well. DD is wearing either short pjs or a nightie but is still in nappies and a very thin grobag. So she is obviously also warm blooded.

geekgrrl Sun 21-May-06 21:20:55

well, pre-thread worms ours never did ... ever since dd tends to wear knickers when she's wearing a nightie - just because I get paranoid and by the time we work out she's got them she's infected us all.. gag

you just wait until your ds starts school northerner and see what you think then.

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