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very boring question

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TheLadyVanishes Sat 20-May-06 18:52:27

how long do you have to wait to paint walls once they have been plastered??

AllieBongo Sat 20-May-06 18:59:04

have you primed them with pva?

TheLadyVanishes Sat 20-May-06 19:16:59

not done anything yet, going to get a plasterer in to do it, pulled off a dado rail and now have uneven wall, whats pva?

madmarchhare Sat 20-May-06 19:18:04

So that should just need skimming then. Bloke who did ours said a few days.

Rhubarb Sat 20-May-06 19:18:34

I'd just chuck a load of paint straight on 'em. Priming is what you do if you're a perfectionist and think it'll make a difference! Be a rebel - paint it straight away!

AllieBongo Sat 20-May-06 19:19:05

you buy a little tin of it and mix with water and the put all over fresh plaster. If you paint directly onto new walls it will just absorb your paint

AllieBongo Sat 20-May-06 19:19:19

shut it rhubarb

madmarchhare Sat 20-May-06 19:20:34

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Rhubarb Sat 20-May-06 19:20:56

shut it yerself yer priming pvc perv!

madmarchhare Sat 20-May-06 19:21:39

They do it loads of colours now as well, not just that funny turquoisey colour they used to paint the co op railings with.

AllieBongo Sat 20-May-06 19:22:34

well, i'll just go then shall I.. Obviuously my fountain of knowledge is not welcome on this thread. I bid you good day... bastards

Rhubarb Sat 20-May-06 19:23:07

"fountain of knowledge" don't you mean trickle love!

madmarchhare Sat 20-May-06 19:23:25

Lol, paint paint paint.

AllieBongo Sat 20-May-06 19:24:05

i have flounced... not listening

Rhubarb Sat 20-May-06 19:24:32

did you prime before you flounced?

AllieBongo Sat 20-May-06 19:25:04

bla bla bla can't hear you

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