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MiniPPH is eating 45oz of milk per day at 16 weeks....

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PrincessPeaHead Sat 20-May-06 16:36:51

is this a record?

And more to the point, what are my chances of getting this monster child anywhere NEAR 6 months before introducing solids? Do you get growth spurts around now or is this just her getting hungrier?

She weighs over 18 lbs and is popping out of 6-12mth clothes.

All thoughts gratefully received. (I would have put this in weaning, but the site is a bit wierd and wouldn't let me into that topic).

PrincessPeaHead Sat 20-May-06 17:56:46

hellooooooo, is there anyone out there?

motherinferior Sat 20-May-06 18:00:41

I'm not very good on enormobabes, having spawned two who were on the smallish side, BUT I can tell you that DP's brother and SIL are staying with us from Jakarta, and their bottle-fed six month old has only just moved on to a biscuit a day (apparently. Do not ask me for details. They are asleep at the moment); and she is a fine chunky little girl with the sort of chubby cheeks all Asian aunties latch onto to pinch.

Mind you, she was sitting on her uncle's knee looking at DP's breakfast pancakes today with the most amazingly fixed greed

helsi Sat 20-May-06 18:03:11

My bottle fed dd (2.5 weeks) is constantly hungry and is eating/drinking 30oz per 24 hours - sometimes a bit more. I am going to try her on the hungrier baby formula when my current box is empty as some people have told me that it wors quite well. My dd has put on 7oz in weight in the last week

JoolsToo Sat 20-May-06 18:05:07

ha! dd was bottle-fed - terrible feeder
didn't go onto solids until roundabout 8 months old and was in 18lb dresses at 1 year old!

so - can't help I'm afraid

foxinsocks Sat 20-May-06 18:06:50

huge appetite ds ate like this (started wishing they would make bottles in a sort of 12oz size so he could eat a bit more ) - we weaned him at around 5 months but this was before the 6 month guidelines came in (we were trying to hold out to 6 months because of allergies)

I guess I would see if you could drag it out for a few more weeks!

Marne Sat 20-May-06 18:18:05

dd2 (10 weeks) takes 35oz a day, put her on hungry baby a few days ago and she is still hungry and taking the same amount of feeds. The health visiter has already said if shes hungry i will have to wean before six months but to hold off as long as possable.

Turquoise Sat 20-May-06 18:19:58

My dd was a whopper - don't know amounts as she was breast fed but seemed to be permanently hanging from a boob. She was positively spherical at 4 months and started solids round about then IIRC (she's 8 now). Only fruit, rusks etc I think, but it clearly hasn't done her any harm. Why - is weaning at that age now considered appalling? <totally out of touch>

Marne Sat 20-May-06 18:20:06

Helsi, the heath visitor adviced me not to use hungry baby milk till after 6 weeks.

bonkerz Sat 20-May-06 18:21:24

My DD is 5 months old and on 30oz of milk per day AS WELL AS 3 meals too!! She is in 6-9 month clothes (but not for long) and weighs nearly 8kg! Hope that makes you feel ok!

Marne Sat 20-May-06 18:21:42

I weaned dd1 at 4 months (before the 6 month rule came in) and she's fine, there was no way i could wait any longer as she was hungry.

saltire Sat 20-May-06 18:21:49

My DS1 was taking 9oz bottles every 3 hours at 10 weeks! and that was the hungry baby milk he was on. This was before the 6 month weaning guidlines came in, they recommended it at 4 months, but by 12 weeks he was growing so much we had him on mashed rusk twice a day.
From my own experience, i couldn't hav ewaited till he was 4 months, there was just no filling him. he's now 8, the height of an 11 year old with the appetite of an adult!
Have you tried the hungrier baby milk?

Katymac Sat 20-May-06 18:22:05

My dd took 16.5oz of ebm in one feed at about 7 weeks - I don't know how much she drank the rest of the time tho' that was our one and only attempt at ebm

But advise at time was to wean at 16weeks so I did

sugarfree Sat 20-May-06 18:22:18

I stalled weaning somewhat with the Hungry Baby formula,but DS1 was still weaned early.(and back then 4 months was ok)
Right just looked in his baby book.He was 18.1lbs at 15 weeks(9.2lbs at birth) at the same appointment he was having 3 x solid meals and 3x 8oz bottles per day!!!!!!!
The month before that he had been on 7-8 oz x7!!
So no,it's not a record breaking hungry baby you've got there.
If she seems to be managing on the formula you give her,I wouldn't wean just yet.Does she still seem hungry after feeds?Waking up in the night after previously sleeping well?Watching every morsel of food that crosses her path with sad puppy dog faces?
OTOH,you can't hold back the inevitable for ever and I don't actually think you are going to get to 6 months tbh.
(Ds1 is now a 9 stone, 5'6",size 8 rugby boot wearing,12 year old,who still loves his food,so I don't think early weaning did too much harm)

SoupDragon Sat 20-May-06 18:27:14

No idea about quantities but BabyDragon is a whopper and I'm not entirely sure if I'll make it to 6 months without giving her something else. I think they do continue to have growth spurts though. I thought 3 months was a popular one.

PrincessPeaHead Sat 20-May-06 18:59:23

oh thank you for this everyone. so the conclusion is - not a record-breaker, but whopper-ish enough to probably wean early, but put it off for as long as possible. Is that right? I thought she was going to dive headfirst into ds2's macaroni cheese yesterday. she is very interested in food, and chewing!

I could try hungry baby milk to stave off weaning. I had to do that for ds2 I remember - but seems like a strange idea, giving them milk that is hard to digest...

JoolsToo Sat 20-May-06 19:01:57

do you know what we used to do (in the olden days)?

dissolve rusk into formula and have a large hole in the teat!

that should go down well here

NotQuiteCockney Sat 20-May-06 19:07:35

From what I know, weight has nothing to do with gut maturity, which is the reason not to wean early. You should still try to make it to 6 months.

helsi Sat 20-May-06 19:11:56

Marne - I mentioned the hungrier baby milk yesterday to midwife and she didn't advise me to wait.

pepperrabbit Sat 20-May-06 20:06:33

We put DS1 onto hungry formula at about 10 weeks - HV went pale when I told her and said they recommended 4 months before hungry baby formula was used - I pointed out it was that or baby rice and she backed down terribly gracefully (not)...
Started weaning at 17 weeks IIRC (when 6 months was recommended) but we just couldn't wait any longer.
DS2 at 6 weeks is currently on 6 x 7oz bottles so looks like the same pattern.HTH

JanH Sat 20-May-06 20:10:04

Shouldn't this thread be on the G & T topic?

SoupDragon Sat 20-May-06 20:11:44

Blimey no, I don't thing G+T is recommended at 16 weeks.

LadyTophamHatt Sat 20-May-06 20:13:49

PPH, if I remember rightly you had thi swith your Ds from our september 2003 baby threads.
I remember you saying he almost gave asigh of releif when he first saw the spoon coming towards him.....or somesuch anyway.
(I remember because my ds3 was a really fussy eater and I was enternally jealous)

You just breed'em that way M'dear

mousiemousie Sat 20-May-06 20:14:07

Just relax, start solids at 4m and stop worrying

Too early to start worrying about being fat, surely. Is your HV concerned at all?

mousiemousie Sat 20-May-06 20:15:13

also remember some babies are born at 11 lb to start with and this is normal too!

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