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msn smileys and emotions

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perfumelady Sat 20-May-06 13:57:39

please could you help .i'm looking for any good websites that give you free smileys and emotions without download that can be used in msn, any help would be really appreciated. thanks

fairyfly Sat 20-May-06 13:59:36

google, but google Emoticans.

MrsBadger Sat 20-May-06 14:03:11

afraid I don't know any specific sites - my one good MSN trick is that [nah] is a goat.

Do the 75 default smileys not cover what you're trying to express? Are you looking for anything in particular?

perfumelady Sat 20-May-06 19:01:46

yes my daughter and her class mates have discovered the fun of msn so it's the thing of the moment, she's wanting things like words written in big bubbley letters i supose basically it's anything that make basic txt look a bit more interesting, like for example one of male friends sent what started out as a small pair of lips then they got bigger and bigger then the lips kissed the screen things like that fun stuff.

zephyrcat Sat 20-May-06 19:05:20

Those lips are already in msn - if you click on 'winks' there are quite a few animations. The easiest way to get hold of animated letters and little emoticons are if someone yu are talking to sends one in their message, you can right click on it then click 'add' - then you type what you want in the box and everytime you type your nominated letter/word it will appear (if she gets stuck i've got loads she can pinch!)

perfumelady Sun 21-May-06 23:12:13

thank you

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