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No kitchen cooking!

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noddyholder Sat 20-May-06 13:38:34

We are renovating our house and atm have no kitchen just a microwave fridge and toaster,and I don't normally use a microwave so am stuck for ideas for easy meals.Ds wouls eat beans on toast every meal if I'd let him!We have had baked potatoes twice and the rest of the time a lot of rubbish and we are all sick of it.

themoon66 Sat 20-May-06 13:39:40

Good excuse to eat out?

trefusis Sat 20-May-06 13:41:48

Message withdrawn

trefusis Sat 20-May-06 13:43:15

Message withdrawn

zippitippitoes Sat 20-May-06 13:45:48

a george foreman grill is really useful

only 13.99

frozen veg and rice etc do fine in the microwave

Kathy1972 Sat 20-May-06 13:47:18

The lack of crunchiness would drive me insane if I had to live with just a microwave! Have you thought of buying a cheap one-ring camping stove (not much more than £10, so if you got just one less takeaway you'd have saved that much) so you can at least fry things, do pasta etc?

SaintGeorge Sat 20-May-06 13:49:23

I was just about to suggest the same thing. Camping stove is the way to go.

Kathy1972 Sat 20-May-06 13:54:10

something like this

iota Sat 20-May-06 13:55:00

Get a barbecue

zippitippitoes Sat 20-May-06 13:55:45

if you do get a camping stove i would get a more powerful one as a little single burner will take ages

SaintGeorge Sat 20-May-06 13:56:36

This is pricier but very sturdy and safe. Or you can get a 2 ring version for about £30

Kathy1972 Sat 20-May-06 13:59:32

Zip., I was thinking they probably have an electric kettle so could boil water in that, so all the stove would have to do would be to keep it simmering, which even a little one should do fine
You're right though - a little stove could take forever to bring a big pan to the boil to cook pasta for a family otherwise....

noddyholder Sun 21-May-06 17:26:48

Thanks everyone I am going to get the mini cooker Why didn't I think of that

FrayedKnot Sun 21-May-06 17:40:23

I was hobless for 3 months this year, although did have an oven after a couple of weeks, but I used the microwave a lot and made casseroles in it - not great but acceptable, it's just you need to use less liquid because it doesn;t evaporate like an oven cooked one does.

I also made a microwave equivalent of a stir fry where I chopped the veggies up and put them in a bowl & microwaved with a sachet of stirfry sauce - again, quite successful.

Fish is also really easy to cook in the microwave.

The biggest problem I found was having to cook each element of a meal seperately and try & keep it warm to serve altogether. It took me a few weeks to get the hang of that.

I could have managed with a microwave and a mini oven - have you thought of that?

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