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Advice for feeling overwhelmed please?

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randomtask Tue 07-May-13 21:43:48

Just that.

Lots going on, 3 children, 11, 2 & 11 months, we are moving in the summer, need to rent our house out (& thus get it ready, find agents, etc), new life will be very different & not what I would have chosen yet I know is the right thing. Loads of other things going on too.

Keep feeling overwhelmed, tired, stressed, etc & can't seem to get on top of it which isn't very me. Have lists coming out of my ears, rationally know it will work out ok but keep feeling panicked-I'm always calm!

So, any advice/ideas for how to feel calmer or more in control would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

apatchylass Tue 07-May-13 22:33:31

My rescue plan when things are too much is do things for 15 mins. That way, you don't try to take on a never ending job - you instinctively break it down into manageable chunks. Also, kids can just about wait 15 mins for things.

After school run spend five mins with a cup of coffee planning 10 things you need to do that day, most of which can be achieved in 15 mins, and after each one, do something with your preschoolers. Set a timer, so they get used to the timer going off and knowing you have to get back to a job next. Add some things that are daily jobs (laundry, cooking tea etc) but some that are jobs which take you forward in your house move.

E.g Fill one bag with unwanted clothes for charity shop.
Or pack winter clothes in a suitcase.
Ring/email 3 removals companies for quotes.
Ring 3 estate agents etc.

After three jobs, spend the last 15 mins of each hour in some sort of rewarding activity - a coffee break, MN, or giving the DC some attention.

Also, get quotes for removals to pack your stuff up for you. With Dc that young, you don't want to be trying to do it all yourself. Just do a clear out each day from now till then, getting rid of junk.

Have one day off a week where you just live and have fun - family days out or in.

Pay 11 year old to help?

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