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Does anyone know where I can find last year's top 40 rundown?

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bramblina Fri 19-May-06 16:01:33

I'd like to know what was no 1 the day my ds was born (4th Aug 05) and can't find it anywhere- I've tried guinness hit singles. radio 1, and another similar one. Can anyone shed some light?

catsmother Fri 19-May-06 16:08:54

Try this:

The Official UK Charts Company

On 4 Aug 05, it was 'Beautiful' by James Blunt.

Ledodgyherring Fri 19-May-06 16:10:34

for future reference

bramblina Fri 19-May-06 16:41:17

Wonderful!!! Thank you both so much! What a great song for it to be- I'm so chuffed! Thanks!

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