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withheld numbers

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overdraft Fri 19-May-06 14:51:33

i am getting about 5 a day.Is there any way I can find out who it is?

LIZS Fri 19-May-06 14:52:41

probably cold calling

SaintGeorge Fri 19-May-06 14:57:53

No but you can bar your phone from receiving them. Callers would just hear a recorded announcement asking them to redial from a released number.

overdraft Fri 19-May-06 15:44:46

our doctors surgery won't be able to ring us if we do that so it is a pain

yorkshirelass79 Fri 19-May-06 15:48:39

Message withdrawn

Yafta Fri 19-May-06 15:57:43

It's called choose to refuse. Yuo ring BT and they set it up for you. I was not aware you could do it to witheld numbers though.

annetizzismum Fri 19-May-06 16:01:40

you can do choose to refuse on any numbers. You can do it on about ten different numbers i think. If the dr wants to ring you they can just dial 1470 before they do your number, that stops the withold. You have to pay for this service though, you don't have to pay for the other at least not for the first month or two

yorkshirelass79 Fri 19-May-06 16:39:31

Message withdrawn

saltire Fri 19-May-06 18:09:06

I have "number withheld" on our phone,which obviously prevents anyone who has withheld their number from calling me. However it meant that some ex-directory friends couldn't get through. BT gave us a 4 digit number that the person calling you dials, then they dial your number and can get through, so my MIL for example dials 0000 followed by my number and gets through.

It prevents anyone else getting through unless you give them the four digit number.
Does that make sense?

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