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can i just do something please?.....

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MerlinsBeard Fri 19-May-06 12:35:53


OK, better now (sorry about that)

PanicPants Fri 19-May-06 12:38:58

Oh dear, monsters living upto their name?

VeniVidiVickiQV Fri 19-May-06 12:39:46

You havent had a quote from Severn & Trent Water co too have you?

Monsters being monsters?

MerlinsBeard Fri 19-May-06 12:40:47

rofl panic pants! no !!

MerlinsBeard Fri 19-May-06 12:41:37

whoops i mean VVVQV

littlest monster is playing up today, just a houseful of stress really . feel better now!

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