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OMG the cat just brought in.....

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2Happy Thu 18-May-06 21:54:01

Ok, I'm used to the shrews, voles and mice. I shed a tear over all the birds. Every spring, there come the rabbits, and in the summer the occasional mole. But this time, the b*stards have gone TOO FAR!!!

They've brought in a sodding bat!!!!

Milliways Thu 18-May-06 21:55:16

My brothers cat bought in a LIVE seagull & let it flap & cr*p all over the house!

2Happy Thu 18-May-06 21:57:29

Seagull?!! I count myself lucky then!!!

The worst I think they've done was a stoat, because it was alive and screamed really loudly while lunging at me trying to bite me when I tried to save it (so I ran away and hid and called dh home from work to save me - well it was his ruddy idea to gets cats!)

Furball Thu 18-May-06 22:04:30

My mums 3 cats managed to catch a bat then sat on the floor in the lounge watching it fly round the light. They also brought in a fox cub, a massive toad and a rat! as well as the usual mice. Only good thing they did was eat any large spiders that may have been lurking, yum!!

nannyme Thu 18-May-06 22:06:30

Ours are on toads this week, tut!

We had one bat incident and although I love bats I DID panic about getting the lergy off the point where I called Nhs Direct

2Happy Thu 18-May-06 22:07:37

Good grief! Am now glad I started this thread as I am beginning to think the gits have in fact let me off quite lightly!! A fox cub? A toad? Sadly, they just play with our spiders instead of properly eating them. Useless.

jellyjelly Thu 18-May-06 22:13:45

How did they get a fox cub and what did you do?

What is a stout?One of my cats as a kid brought in a whole nest of birds.

2Happy Thu 18-May-06 22:17:12

A stoat is like a big, mean weasel.
(actually it's not that big, but it's cry is so loud it even scared the cats, so goodness knows how they caught it in the first place!)
When they do bring things in I normally whimper, stand on furniture and tell dh that they are his cats, so he gets to clear up, but he's still at work so I had to attempt to be a little more adult about it!

ThePrisoner Fri 19-May-06 00:51:13

My cat, on three separate occasions, returned through the cat flap with a joint of beef, a pack of unopened bacon and a large wedge of wrapped Stilton. I kid you not.

hub2dee Fri 19-May-06 08:01:59

Got any stilton left ? Mmmm....

snowleopard Fri 19-May-06 10:12:54

My cat is totally useless at catching things. She only ever catches insects - and even they get away. Once she very proudly dragged in through the catflap an old, stale bread roll

lorina Fri 19-May-06 13:38:35

Was the bat dead? My cat has a terrible habit of bringing things in that are still alive and then dropping them. He's very humane like that
He woke me up in the middle of the night once by bringing a wild rabbit into my bed. He's also treated me to a frog and a koi carp. A bit less impressively he also like to bring in old meat bones he scavenges out of other people bins.Yuck!

Serendippity Fri 19-May-06 13:41:23

My cat used to only ever bring in live worms! he left them by the cat flap for us and wouldn't catch anything else or harm the worms after he'd bought them in! i swear he was a vegetarian
Was it a big bat 2 happy?

ComeOVeneer Fri 19-May-06 13:42:35

One of our cats has brought in a bird a couple of times (and left it outside our bedroom door for us - how kind), but the other one is so huge he can barely get throught the cat flap himself let alone bring anything in with him even if he managed to catch anything.

Libra Fri 19-May-06 14:08:58

One dark afternoon (we live in Scotland)I stood on what I firmly believed was one of DS1's soft toys. We had just had a run in about cleaning up after himself, so I charged into the living room waving the 'toy' in my hand to show him the proof of his crimes. He just stood and stared at me until I realised something was wrong and looked at what I was holding. It was the dismembered head of a giant rat brought in and presumably eaten by our two cats. I screamed, he screamed, the rat probably screamed. Then I threw the head in the air, where it vanished behind the sofa and we ran into the other room, and waited for DH to come home to throw it out. When DH came home - the rat's head was gone...
We moved house soon after.

meowmix Fri 19-May-06 14:18:15

one night we were woken by the kind of yowling that indicates that a serious fight has ensued, DH leapt out of bed bollocks swinging nakedly and ran downstairs, I followed demurely. As I walked into the kitchen he said "its alright, its a gopher" as he stood over a black lump on the floor. I was very impressed, good catch cat sez I.

At least thats what I heard. What he actually said was "its alright, its all over" and what he was standing over was a black woolly glove that our cat and next doors cat were fighting to the death about.

by this point I was hysterical with laughter and had to sleep in the spare room cos I kept waking DH up laughing and saying gopher. He's never forgiven me.

geekgrrl Fri 19-May-06 14:18:47

oh Libra I had to LOL at that!What a picture you lot must have been.

pooka Fri 19-May-06 14:21:42

We've had balls of wool. Wood pigeon. Live birds. Frogs - they scream just like babies which is good in a way because can usually be rescued. Lots of mice (sometimes alive, sometimes dead and sometimes dissected). Worms galore. Other cats' toys.

liarliarpantsonfire Fri 19-May-06 14:23:49

Ours has had a bat, baby rabbit, frogs, whole birds eggs etc but the most embarrassing was a large goldfish belonging to we know not who

PinkKerPlink Fri 19-May-06 14:25:20

thie thread is funny thank god i have dogs

dewmeadow Fri 19-May-06 14:36:59

LIbra, LOL!!!

We are about to get cats to keep away the mice. Are we mad?

liarliarpantsonfire Fri 19-May-06 14:39:04

Mad. yes. Cats bring in live mice and let them go under the children's beds while they are alseep.

buffythenappyslayer Fri 19-May-06 14:40:52

i would have been screaming my head off!!

our cat was playing under the table with what i thought was a caterpillar.turned out to be a baby lizard!!!i was horrified!!!!

dh's mate has now got it now and its grown already,but still gives me the heeby jeebies!!!!

wannaBe1974 Fri 19-May-06 14:46:27


My cats have brought in a number of dead birds and some mice, one of which my cat brought in in the early hours of the morning and then killed it in front of me.

It's DH's job to deal with the dead things, but one night at about midnight dh woke me up to tel me that the cats had brought in a bird each, and that one of the birds wasn't dead. It was lying stunned on the floor, so me, dr dolittle, put it in a shoe box and kept it over night. I was going to take it to the vet in the morning and everything, but by morning it was sufficiently recovered from its ordeal to be set free.

Emma7 Fri 19-May-06 15:32:49

I think myself lucky that my cat is not very bright and a bit of a wimp (bless him). He spent ages chasing something round the garden the other day then proudly presented me with...a leaf
He came running in to me the other day because a tiny bird had dared to land in his garden - he was terrified (I kid you not)!
He does eat wasps though (been stung in the mouth twice) and daddy long legs and spiders so I suppose he earns his keep.

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