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Wanting to move

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Kt1991 Thu 02-May-13 21:10:07

Really feeling annoyed upset at the moment because my partner, our 2 year old son and I live in a block of communal flats, on the highest floor (7) and we’ve got no luck at all of moving out! It’s a council flat, and we can bid for other places, but hardly any of them are in our area or suitable, and we are coming in the 100’s so no chance! Not only the fact that the flat has got bad condensation and mould, it has made me suffer with what is like a continuous cold since Nov! Been to the docs who said it was some kind of allergy which was definatly related. So I took a letter that the doc had written for me into the council hoping it would help, but they’ve said they won’t be able to do anything sad Just feeling so upset now cause my little boy loves playing outside, so would love for us to have a garden where he could play out all the time. The council are supposed to be fitting some fans in to help, but have been told that there is possible asbestos in the walls so they can’t start work at the moment! Feel like I’ve been left in the lurch with whats going on, and if its safe? I’ve always thought asbestos was dangerous to be around?

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