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Dp is going on his stag weekend tomorrow, I;ve just watched him say goodbye to DD and feel like crying

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Esmummy Wed 17-May-06 19:05:49

That's about it really. DP is off at 4.30 tomorrow morning to catch his flight to Barcelona for his stag weekend. DD is going to be in 5 minutes and I have just sat and watched him cuddle her like he's never going to see her again, kiss her a hundred times and tell her a millions time how much he loves her and that she is Daddy's special little lady.
I feel like crying

ggglimpopo Wed 17-May-06 19:07:16

Message withdrawn

Esmummy Wed 17-May-06 19:08:30

Can't am pregnant. Could seriously do with one though.

Esmummy Wed 17-May-06 19:16:48

chapsmum Wed 17-May-06 19:18:43

Esmummy my dp is going away aswell, am currently enjoying a wee glass of wine and some peace and quite. They will be back before you know it!!

chapsmum Wed 17-May-06 19:19:33

sorry didnt mean to rub it in that i am drinking, perhaps a wee box of chocolates?? trashy chick flick and an evening with mumsnet??

Esmummy Wed 17-May-06 19:31:23

Got the chocie's down chapsmum, DP brought me a box of roses. Am just getting ready to watch the footie, DD is tucked up in bed now.
It's not that i will particularly miss him, of course i will miss him but we have been away from each other for weekends at a time but DD is so more aware this time because she is that big older, I know she will ask about him and get upset
We have lots of fun things planned though and i am only working tomorrow morning the get to spend the whole time with her

Angeliz Wed 17-May-06 19:35:17

Esmummy, why don't you make it a girly weekend for you and dd?
Do lunch and go book shopping, she'll be fine.
My DP works away every week so i'm used to it. TBH if he was here all the time i think we'd argue more

chapsmum Wed 17-May-06 19:35:44

sounds like you have it well planned out!!
My dp is away on his own stag do so I am left trying to arrange last minute wedding stuff...arrghh
the chap is only 10 months and he has been shouting dada through all the doors looking for him, it is heart breaking!!!
have to take him to get measured for his kilt tomorrow so that should cheer me up!!

cod Wed 17-May-06 19:36:12

Message withdrawn

DumbledoresGirl Wed 17-May-06 19:39:57

Not trying to make you sound like you have nothing to be sad about, but my dh went away yesterday for 10 days and I feel absolutely miserable too. He often goes away for a night or two or even 4 nights at a time, but I can't remember us being parted for 10 days before, ever, even when we were married and lived at opposite ends of the country.

Esmummy Wed 17-May-06 19:40:24

Ah that will be lovely Chapsmum, how cute in a little kilt
Not really in bits cod just more pre-empting (?) what DD is going to be like when she realises he isn't going to be here for 4 days. Like i said, he has been away before as have I but DD was much much smaller and didn't even realise.
Was sad seeing him say good bye to her too.

compo Wed 17-May-06 19:41:47

how old is your dd? My ds didn't really mind his dad going away for 4 nights and he's 2!!!

Esmummy Wed 17-May-06 19:42:36

DumbledoresGirl, sorry, s'pose it puts it into prospective really and I know loads of people don't have their DP/SH's around very often etc but my DP spends a hell of a lot of time with DD, this isn't a regular thing so I feel a bit like a fish out of water.
No doubt all will be fine when we get going tomorrow afternoon. We are swimming, going to the park to feed ducks, SIL's house for pizza pigout and crap films etc

cod Wed 17-May-06 19:42:46

Message withdrawn

DumbledoresGirl Wed 17-May-06 19:42:46

Esmummy, they always seem to ask for their daddy when he isn't there too. My youngest goes on and on about wanting daddy when he is away and then the minute he comes back, he only asks for me! It is hard, isn't it?

DumbledoresGirl Wed 17-May-06 19:44:16

cod, you are a hard woman sometimes.

Esmummy Wed 17-May-06 19:44:24

She's nearly 2 Compo. Maybe she will surprise me and wont even bat an eyelid. She has soent the last 3 days solid with him as he took 3 days off work to look after her while i worked so just think she may find it a bit strange being with him solidly for 3 days and then not seeing him for 4.

cod Wed 17-May-06 19:44:49

Message withdrawn

cod Wed 17-May-06 19:45:39

Message withdrawn

Esmummy Wed 17-May-06 19:46:48

Its not really me though Cod to be honest, I am quite glad of the peace and know we will get on great when he gets back as we've both had a bit of 'me' time. S'pose it's because it his stag weekend as well, not had any irrational thoughts at all but am quite worried about how much of a state he will get into.
The crying comment was aimed more at watching him say bye to DD, it put a lump in my throat.

cod Wed 17-May-06 19:48:16

Message withdrawn

Esmummy Wed 17-May-06 19:48:19

Well bugger me ! Cod pulling me up on spelling
Am not moping Cod and certainly wont show it in front of DD, am not a meany.

SoupDragon Wed 17-May-06 19:48:34

Have to say, DSs don't miss daddy when he's not around (business trips, conferences etc)

Your DD will be fine

cod Wed 17-May-06 19:48:54

Message withdrawn

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