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Opinions please on reactolite prescription glasses for 12 yr old

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Goldfish Tue 16-May-06 21:41:10

Ds1 has worn glasses since his 2nd birthday as he had a turn in one eye. He has always been told that by the age of about 12 he may not have to wear them anymore, but now they are saying he probably will have to. He is disappointed as he starts high school in September and wanted to start without them. He has never bothered about glasses all these years but is now becoming more self conscious. He wants to wear reactolite glasses as he says if hes got to wear them he wants to wear something cool.
The optician said that the thing against them is that they always retain a little bit of colour so you never be seeing normal light and this could make him think that lights are really bright if he ever takes them off, but he says the advantage is that they will protect his eyes from the sun and macular degeneration ( not sure if spelt right) in later life.
I am not sure if the school would allow them any way and would he look silly in them? Also not sure about any health implications. Does anybody know of kids who wear these? He will be just about 13 when he starts high school btw.

fattiemumma Tue 16-May-06 22:59:27

I have looked inot these for DS who is only 5 but has recently had to start wearing glasses with a very high prescription.
basicly he is very light sensetive and although he currently has prescription sunglasses he will sometimes forget to take them to school with him. or if its overcast then gets sunny later.

so i was thinking of getting him the reaction ones to wear during the summer as that way if it gets sunny they will change automaticaly.
i know they are slightly coloured normally but it is very feint...a sort of light grey.
and they dont change as dark as sunglasses.

i dont think the school would have any objections to him wearing them as i doubt anyone would realise they are any different to regular glasses.

not sure about long term effects of wearing them though. i guess you would have to speak with the opthamologist/optician.

SaintGeorge Wed 17-May-06 00:29:51

I can't do without my reactolites and wish they had been available when I was 12 (worn glasses since I was 8).

I can't think of any reason why the school should object - they are prescription lenses so he has a right to wear them.

They always have a faint trace of colour, which becomes slightly more distinct over time. Just make sure he is aware that they do have a tendency to also change colour when it is very cold, so you can find yourself wearing shades in the winter. If that doesn't bother him, then I would say go ahead.

threebob Wed 17-May-06 07:29:32

Mine are the new type and after 4 years have the faintest tinge of colour. I would highly recommend them.

WestCountryLass Wed 17-May-06 09:36:33

I would recommend them as well, mine are the new type too and are only faintly tinted.

I remember a girl at school who had pink glasses, something to do with helping with dyslexia for some reason and the school had no issue.

I do sometimes think peoples probably think I am too cool for cats when I am strolling around in shades in the winter but my eyes are light senstive and if I didn't wear reactalytes my eyes would be streaming.

Goldfish Wed 17-May-06 14:34:35

Thanks for all your positive responses. I have rung the high school today and they said it is ok for him to wear them. Westcountrylass, when you say cool as cats about wearing shades in winter, that was one of the things I was thinking about, but I think he likes that idea.
He is not that confident about high school so I think this would make him feel better about himself. He has been called the normal names at school such as geek and so on but its not so bad now. I think if he got reactolites all his classmates would be jealous!

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