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state schools in Woodstock/Charlbury area?

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MissChief Tue 16-May-06 09:44:46

we're hoping to move into the area around Charlbury/Woodstock, just west of Oxford. I've checked out various websites for schools - ofsted and the like - but wondered if anyone has any more experience of/info on particular schools. I@m also going to be visiting a couple. Any particular recommendations or schools to avoid? Many thanks {again!]

roastpumpkin Tue 16-May-06 11:34:48

Temporary change of name for this one...
We live in Charlbury - dd is at Charlbury primary - it is lovely. There were a few minor
problems with previous head but the new head who
started in September is wonderful and the
atmosphere is friendly and positive. Dd is
thriving there. We've just had the second of
two grounds days with parents working on the
playground and garden areas and it is looking
very good. The swimming pool is great for the
children in the summer and they swim from
reception. Reception and year 1 have forest
school in Wychwood once a week. The after school
club - currently in the old grammar school - is
moving up to the school in September.

MissChief Tue 16-May-06 11:42:40

thank you so much! Makes me feel better as have heard some scary tales of wayward kids there!
I understand why you changed your name, it's a very small place (makes me think I should be careful what questions I ask, if we do end up living there!)
What about sec school? Will yours go onto Chippy or Burford? What do you know about their reputations? Sorry for so many questions but this is really helpful for us

MissChief Tue 16-May-06 11:48:13

can I also ask [whisper]
about rowdy kids on the streets? Heard there have been some problems recently with vandalism on sat nights?

roastpumpkin Tue 16-May-06 12:07:15

Dd is only at KS1 yet so haven't decided
between Chippy and Burford. It is an ongoing
debate in town which is best. I would guess about
75% go to Chippy and 25% to Burford and there
are buses to both (although you have to pay for
the Burford bus). Some people like the tradition
and uniform at Burford, my impression is Chippy
is slightly better academically, but there is not much in it, and Chippy has the use of the swimming pool and leisure centre next door.

Here is an link to the link to an example of the debate on the Charlbury website .

roastpumpkin Tue 16-May-06 12:20:16

Ah ha - I think you have been reading the
Charlbury Webpages (re rowdy kids) - actually
it is pretty unusual which is why it merits
a mention... last weekend there was some noise...
(as opposed to no noise - except for owls or
if you are down by the station the sound of deer
at Cornbury) I think there might have been a cup final party at the football club hut (near the co-op).

Take the forum on the webpage with a slight
pinch of salt - for other views of Charlbury
life you could try
the Charlbury Chronicle .

MissChief Tue 16-May-06 12:23:34

ah - owls hooting preferable to listening to tyre-slashing, yes!
Just mailed dh re yr message and he's hugely pleased!

sophiesiobhan Wed 26-Apr-17 13:21:56

Hello... We are also moving to Charlbury so MissChief I just found this thread - and wondering what the other primary schools are that take kids from Charlbury area. If you look at the individual school's catchment maps none of them seem to but in practise I think they do? Stonesfield, Chadlington etc.
Also any word on the best nursery - Monkey vs Railway children vs the pre school? It would be a for a 3 year old from this Sept. Thank you in advance!

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