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Loving family but lonely

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Mumof2beautys Sun 21-Apr-13 21:24:58

Hi.. I moved roughly 3 years ago to be with my partner... After around 4 months I got pregnant.. I had a awkward pregnancy because I had pgp which made it hard for me to get out let alone to work.. Any way I had my baby and slowly recovered and started to get out again and try and make some friends in the area.. But then again pregnancy... So back to square one.. I've now got two beautiful babies but still feel very lonely as I have no friends in the area and those I do have are far away with no children so they don't really understand how hard it is just to get out for the day... Anyway I'm waffling on.. Just wanted to know that I'm not alone and there's others out there like me ... Please get in touch ... Thank you

TheChocolateTeapot Sun 21-Apr-13 21:30:46

Aaww - sounds like you're having a tough time. Tell us a bit more about yourself. Do you live somewhere busy or quiet. What kind of baby activities do you have, is your DP's family close/helpful.i guess many of us have these experiences - I did, I moved to a foreign country but it was quite bonding as we were in it together - it's been a few years now but we are very happy with our new life.....

Pashazade Sun 21-Apr-13 21:35:39

Hey, that's tough, I go a bit mad on occassion with just the one so you have my sympathy. Hard being away from family and old friends. Have you tried any local baby groups? Sadly making friends when you're an adult seems so much harder. Feeling lonely can be so difficult and it is such an overwhelming feeling too makes everything seem pointless. Especially if you don't have the adult contact of work which I do miss. Hugs, I've blathered a bit but hope it might help. I tend to focus on the fact that I will feel better on a different day, getting out in the sunshine will help, assuming you get some wherever you are!

Mumof2beautys Tue 23-Apr-13 20:13:38

Thanks guys... You've defiantly helped cheer me up a bit... I live in quite a sleepy (oldies) town which is good in the sense of nice and quiet n safe for the kiddys but not so good for us... Bit boring... I've tried a local baby group wich was brill when it was just my oldest but since the arrival of my second its very hard work and the age difference is a bit awkward.. I think a lot of it is that I'm still getting used to havig two kiddys and getting out for more than a hour at a time.. Guess ill have to tough it out for a while.. I have decided to take up running too and even tho I've only done the two runs I do feel a bit better... Guess the old sayin fresh air does you good it right he he

Mumof2beautys Tue 23-Apr-13 20:17:23

Oh and don't get me started on DPs family.. They are literally around the corner but of no help or support of any kind really...mi see my parents more and they'd live 100s of miles away... Arrrrr

TheChocolateTeapot Tue 23-Apr-13 21:08:58

Ah - families are wonderful things smile. Your little ones will get bigger too soon and then the dynamics will change again. In the meantime maybe try and make friends with one or two of the mums from the baby group - I used to find smaller numbers cosier and less intimidating than the whole pack! Running sounds like a great plan especially now the evenings are lighter. No clever suggestions to offer but glad you're sounding happier - sometimes just getting it off your chest makes a difference. Take care.

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