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WTF is an InSinkerator???

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Californifrau Tue 16-May-06 02:55:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Alipiggie Tue 16-May-06 03:02:03

Insinkerator, eats your garbage i.e left over scraps, should have a button near your sink to switch it on and off. Kids will love it. Make sure you put coffee grains down it every so often to stop it smelling and run water through every day. As for the icemaker I guess it's plumbed in and so will replenish itself. It's a whole new world here isn't it. Welcome to the US, hope your trip over from Germany wasn't too stressful.

eidsvold Tue 16-May-06 03:02:12

insinkerator is where you put food scraps down and flick a switch and it mushes it up and uses water to flush it away... nothing big mind you. So it is a waste disposal..... should be a big plug so you can still use the sink as a sink.

can't help with the icemaker - no instruction books left in the house for you???

Earlybird Tue 16-May-06 06:26:40

Hi there - everyone else has explained what an insinkerator is, but here's a little tip. When it starts to smell bad (and it will), cut a lemon up into little wedges/slices, put it down there, and flick the switch to grind it up. Always have the water running when you use it though, as otherwise the motor burns out.

The icemaker will replenish itself. If there is no ice in it at the moment, it's probably been deactivated. Pull out the plastic tray and look above where the tray fits for a thin metal/wire - sort of like a metal coathanger but in a different shape. It should be on a little hinge/spring. Gently pull the wire down, and then put the tray back in. That should activate it.

It's hard to describe, but hope that helps!

Californifrau Tue 16-May-06 17:45:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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