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Me/ Now it's your turn

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mothernature Tue 27-Jan-04 11:05:41

The girl who went to school with you.
The girl who lived next door.
You know the one; she’s the youngest daughter of four.

Wife to Ste,
Mother of three.

The woman who likes to walk ‘that’ dog,
That woman who works over there,

Jez to her friends, Gerry to others.
Her who looked after so many kids, for so many mothers.

You know the one I mean,
She laughs out loud, but is shy in a crowd,

Can’t reply with helpful advice, cry’s when she reads some, but mostly smiles,
The one, who lives far away from you, could be miles.

The one whose nearly 40, is she really that old?
The one who thinks she’s still a kid, the one who mentally is,
That woman who wants to be accepted, for who and what she is.

twiglett Tue 27-Jan-04 11:12:12

message withdrawn

Kayleigh Tue 27-Jan-04 11:41:06

I'm the eldest of two, a sixties child
Some might think I'm meek or mild.

I have hours for friends but no time for fools
I like chocolate and ice cream and diamond jewels.

Am mummy to boys aged five and two
And wife to a lovely man named Andrew

I work in the city three days a week
But a local job I should like to seek

I spend time on musnet, always something to learn
That's me done, now it's your turn ....

(I can't believe I did that, first bit of poetry EVER. Okay I know it's rubbish, but I did it !!!!)

Beccarollover Tue 27-Jan-04 11:45:55

Im about in the middle of 6
A real eclectic mix
My Dad and Mum parted and got lots more kids because of their tricks

Partner to David
Though not sure how true

Mother to two - my ickle Harvey and Meggie Moo

Geordie Lass, up for a laugh
Friends galore
But its my Mumsnet friends I can relate to more

Thats me done, over to you

Helsbels Tue 27-Jan-04 12:29:33

Oldest of a well spread out four,
as for my family I couldn't ask for more
Loving and stable and always there
I've never had a doubt as to how much they care
A mum and dad who love each other
a rock of a sister and two smashing brothers
I was a bit of a black sheep until 96
But they put up with all my stupid tricks
Married too early ending in disaster
Five years of misery, never much laughter
Drinking too much and sleeping around
But I knew I was a good person waiting to be found
Then I met him, tall dark and dashing
looking like a model for the latest mens fashion
still together now 8 happy years on
Like a fairy stroy from days long byegone
A beautiful son our pride and joy
And another on the way - well a girl or a boy
So a happy interlude in a chequered story
Here's to family in all it's glory

linzoid Tue 27-Jan-04 12:30:47

i'm age 28, a wife and a mum
my partner thinks i just sit on my bum
but what does he know of the trials i face
fighting and squabbles and the mess in this place

I have two lovely sons keeping me busy
driving me crazy and making me dizzy!
faces of angels ( when they're asleep)
but one little hug can make my heart leap

i clean peoples houses, for all my sins
mopping and dusting and emptying bins
in my spare time i do classes in dance
could've been professional (given the chance)

don't ask for much, just a peaceful life
calm and serenity, no stress and no strife
but wouldn't say "no" to a tree that grew money
and self washing pots, that would be funny!

i'm always on mumsnet, at least once a day
asking advice and having my say
it's thought provoking, a really good site
enough from me now, so post yours, if you might!

lilibet Tue 27-Jan-04 12:56:34

Mum and Dad were only children
and I'm an only one
which means I have no relations
when most have them by the ton

I felt that I was mising out
and so I had my three
not knowing that the regular call
is "mum, it's him not me"

I have a daugter and two sons
they are 15,11 and 7
and although they drive me up the wall
Thier hugs remind me of heaven

My partner is a mumsnetter
he is turnupthebass
we love each other lots and lots
and he has a lovely face

and now my turn is over
it was easier than you think
so now you write a poem
while you are having a drink!

fantastic thread!!

AussieSim Tue 27-Jan-04 13:03:10

From a blended family I come
3 girls and 3 boys
Enough for some
Lots of emotional noise

Thirty four years old
with one lovey boy
A german hubby
and painful inlaws

Can't believe I left Oz and my career
still breastfeeding too
for just over a year

Spend much time on the net
and e-mailing friends
probably too fat
should make amends

Mumsnet's the best
keeps me in just one piece
I like to offer help
And to get some too please

zebra Tue 27-Jan-04 13:06:11

Having a bad day.
All I will do here is moan.
'Tis not really me.

(Don't tell me you clever sparks can't figure out that's a Haiku).

ghengis Tue 27-Jan-04 13:13:05

I am from Ireland
The youngest of 4
A sister and 2 brothers
I couldn't ask for more.

Met DH in 88
My handsome Englishman
I knew at once he was The One
Into his arms I ran

And there I plan to stay
And grow old and grey.

We have two lovely children
Although both were 'surprises'
We wouldn't change things for the world
The apples of our eyses...

Okay, so I'll never be poet laureate!!! Time to stop!!!

DSW Tue 27-Jan-04 13:19:33

Eldest of 6, 5 girls and boy,
Some unexpected but oh what a Joy,

Paired up with Micheal,
We both live in Sin,
But created a daughter
From our magic within,

I have lots of friends and they are all special too,

Then I found Mumsnet and met all of you!!!!

Ps/ Hope you all like my feeble effort

Helsbels Tue 27-Jan-04 13:25:45

I really like this thread!!

handlemecarefully Tue 27-Jan-04 13:33:21

Youngest of 3 - with quite a gap
Siblings 10 and 14 years old - fancy that!

Married to John with an 18 month girl
Son on the way (April), my mind in a whirl...

Love dd to bits,
She is truly adored,
But motherhood leaves me trapped and bored....

I would die for my dd
But despite this I'd say
I sometimes long for it all to go away

Single and childless and free as a bird
My illicit fantasy, of which I seldom breathe a word

(....and now I've depressed you all I'll go)

noddy5 Tue 27-Jan-04 13:35:30

Im thirty eight and eldest of four
one partner, one boy
I couldnt have more.
A cat and a house
a really great spouse
I dont feel my age
I look it im sure!
I have wrinkles and bumps
And I wait for a cure
But life is so sweet
When I look all around
For somehow for me
life is paradise found

DSW Tue 27-Jan-04 13:37:50

HMC - My 1st poem was along those lines. Xxx

handlemecarefully Tue 27-Jan-04 13:44:01


It helps to know I'm not the only one with these 'wicked' taboo thoughts

I can't tempt you to type out your first poem then?

Just noticed a typo in my poem - sibling 10 and 14 years 'older'(not 10 and 14 years old!)....durr! -it changes the meaning quite a bit

Helsbels Tue 27-Jan-04 13:45:14

HMC you're not the only one - I spent the first year thinking ONLY those thoughts for the vast majority of the time and still have a good old lapse now and then!!!!

DSW Tue 27-Jan-04 13:57:27

HMC - Wasn't as "subtle" as yours. IYKWIM

Kayleigh Tue 27-Jan-04 14:01:55

HMC, DSW and Helsbels. Can I join the club. Love my two boys to bits but frequently have "those" thoughts.

Helsbels Tue 27-Jan-04 14:04:03

I think we're all secretly in that club at some time or another!! (usually about 2 am or when you fancy a Sunday 'lie in'

Kayleigh Tue 27-Jan-04 14:06:57

OOooh a Sunday "lie-in" ! I remember those

miggy Tue 27-Jan-04 14:31:27

elder of 2 and took 10 years to arrive,
Parents kept trying and then a surprise.
Now 3 of my own, 2 boys then a girl,
loved and adored but do cause some turmoil.
School run is chaos then downhill from there,
to cook,clean and iron and fit work in somewhere.
Now nearly forty but one number it sticks,
Ask me my age and I'll say 26!

Janstar Tue 27-Jan-04 14:34:01

My name is Jan, ringleader of three,
my brother and sister being younger than me.
Our mum was a mess and she died by the bottle.
Our dad grabbed his life and set off at full throttle.
Right now he's in Thailand with his much younger wife,
Visiting her folks and enjoying his life.
My siblings and I can turn most things to laughter,
As we're bonded in love through our childhood and after.

I've been round the block and I've been though the mill,
It's been such a whirlwind, it'd make you feel ill.
Unsuitable pairings and many mistakes
Until I learned wisdom to put on the brakes.
When I learned that I carried the answers inside,
I found my true soul-mate to be by my side.

I've two lovely daughters he's loved and enfolded,
And one dear little boy our marriage has moulded.
Our fair share of troubles may come to our door,
But we band together with strength at our core.
I tend to be wistful, I think far too much,
But the day to day grind keeps my reason in touch.
I dream of success, if I'd made different choices -
Can't completely forget the old critical voices.

But whenever the clouds come to block out the light,
My wonderful man holds my hand through the night.
He helps me through till dawn's first kiss,
Shows me that success is this.

My name is Jan, and I try to be good,
Though I do drink much more wine than I should.
And when I weep for the pain of the past,
It's because I can now, for I'm safe at last.

Angeliz Tue 27-Jan-04 14:35:54

I'm the youngest of three,
but the most sensible,
one sister is strange ,
and the other is mental,

Partner to Col,
maybe soon to be wed,
mam to an angel,
(when she stays in HER bed!)

I've lived in many places,
and worked at many things,
but now i stay at home while dd,
paints and plays and sings.

I'm happiest by the seaside,
or walking in the park,
i just ADORE a thunderstorm,
but do not like the dark.

I think i'm quite an optimist,
but moody with a temper too,
it's much worse at the mo- no fags!
So on my 'orrible gum i chew!

My daughter fills my life with joy
i didn't know love till i met her,
one other thing makes me smile of course,
and that's being an avid mumsnetter!

DSW Tue 27-Jan-04 14:36:53

Janstar - That's lovely. You've given me goosebumps!!

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