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Anyone taken their child to 'The Little Gym'?

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collision Mon 15-May-06 15:59:30

I am wondering if it is a chain of gyms for children.

I have signed ds up for his free trial session tomorrow and wondered if anyone else had heard of them before.

foxinsocks Mon 15-May-06 16:04:48

tis very expensive so ok if you are loaded

collision Mon 15-May-06 16:40:08

I know!!

I rang up and booked in for the freebie and asked if we did the freebie, was it OK not to sign up!!

He told me it was around £135 for a few weeks.

Still, something for me and ds2 to do tomorrow!

hana Mon 15-May-06 16:46:39

£14 a session in Hampton

iota Mon 15-May-06 16:55:07

£3.50 for a toddlers session at our local gym

collision Wed 17-May-06 14:50:36

We went yesterday and I found it to be very embarrassing!

the little gym is from USA and there were only 2 children there. The girl who ran it was called Lucy and kept bursting into songs about the little gym!!!!

For both my boys to go it would be around £389 for 11 weeks!!!

DS2 loved it and ran round a lot but it would be more worthwhile and cheaper to do tumbletots!!

julienetmum Tue 06-Jun-06 12:59:32

I cancelled my free session there as although I know ds would love it (natural acrobat)I can't afford it. A friend of dd has just started to go and invited dd to a bring a friend day this week. I have had to say she can't go.

Lovely lady who runs it, I spoke at length on the phone but hour for hour it is more than twice as expensive as Stagecoach which dd already does.

AlexanderAranda Tue 04-Feb-14 23:10:32

Hi Hana, where is the gym in Hampton?

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