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how do you make friends in a new area????

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adozenroses Mon 15-May-06 12:50:07

Hi. Dh and I have recently moved to a new area and don't know anyone here. I am a SAHM, so my days are filled with conversations with a 2 and 3 year old...and my dh is in an office, but they are all a lot older than him.

We have nice next door neighbours, but they are hardly around. They work very long hours.

So, any suggestions where we can find some friends? We were due to go out on Sat - had kids being looked after and everything aranged - but dh's friends have let us down, so we are on our own again!!


notasheep Mon 15-May-06 13:22:35

Not sure what area you are in,dp made all his friends down the village pub

If in a residential area try a note through every ones door saying your new to area and organise date where all are invited round for drink/coffee.

I did a night class and met some great people

adozenroses Mon 15-May-06 13:26:49

we are just by nottingham city centre, so there is not a lot of families in our street really.

I will have to see if I can find some play dates for the kids to attend in the area.

Pruni Mon 15-May-06 13:27:28

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Mon 15-May-06 13:28:14

toddler groups

collision Mon 15-May-06 13:29:51

will have all the info you need for things in your area.

Libraries as well with story chat...oh Willie is the same age as Millie, come for coffee next week.....

adozenroses Mon 15-May-06 15:50:45

Pruni, they are great suggestions - thank you.

I will have a look at netmums when kids are asleep. I get more peace then.

MaryBS Wed 17-May-06 12:29:42

What everyone else said, plus is there a park where you can strike up conversations with other mums? Start by finding out what they do.

Yummymum1 Wed 17-May-06 21:27:04

When we moved to new area 4yrs ago I found parent and toddler groups in the area listed at the doctors surgery and also in shop windows.Was very brave and went along to all I could find and now have lovely group of friends.Good luck

Caligula Wed 17-May-06 21:28:52

parenting classes to add to the list. I've met some great people on the parenting courses I've done

grumpyfrumpy Wed 17-May-06 21:31:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

glassofwine Wed 17-May-06 21:49:16

Hi, I moved into a new are in the summer and really missed my friends - still do, but I got involved in the nursery and school pta's. Now I've met lots of people and would count a few a friends, I'm beginning to be included on nights out and the odd bbQ - it takes time, but you just have to be confident and chat to people.

Yummymum1 Thu 18-May-06 19:09:03

Yes,glassofwine(yes please,my work is done!!) you do just have to be really brave and talk to as many people you can.Sometimes i really had to force myself to go to groups but i went and it paid off in the end!The more you go the easier it gets and before you know it they are your friends.

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