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Can anyone tell me which are the nice villages around Tonbridge/Tunbridge Well/Sevenoaks

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CountessDracula Mon 15-May-06 12:34:24

ie those that would be suitable to live in!

Must have

Good primary school
Pub (or two or three)
Not be too far from train station
No noise from motorways etc


charliecat Mon 15-May-06 12:41:08

Langton Green is popular and is 10 mins out of town away from TWs railway station...good school.
I live in Rusthall which is nearer town, village before Langton Green but my kids dont go to local school.
Highbrooms has mainline station. Convienient, St Johns School is very popular.
Speldhurst , tiny little place, tiny school.

charliecat Mon 15-May-06 12:45:08

this is round the road from me To give you an idea of prices. Its bloody expensive round here. I rent}

CountessDracula Mon 15-May-06 12:45:45

Thanks so much

Also surrounding small towns within striking distance

CountessDracula Mon 15-May-06 12:49:52

that link didn't come up with anything

is this in a nice place?

charliecat Mon 15-May-06 12:51:47

yep, and good school as far as I know. You would through Langton Green and bypass Rusthall to get to TW railway station.

CountessDracula Mon 15-May-06 12:53:10

or this

CountessDracula Mon 15-May-06 12:54:25

you are a star thanks!

So what's it like living round there?

Shops, restaurants etc? People?
Any good dogwalking?

charliecat Mon 15-May-06 12:54:41

Im not sure fordcombe has a village shop anymore BTW. I remember some stuff in the paper about it.

charliecat Mon 15-May-06 12:59:53

Ive only ever been there to go to the village fete Its a posh area and you would have to know someone to be going that way IYKWIM. You would also need to drive definately. Like I said, not sure about the village shop still being open, no demand IIRC will ask about eating pubs for you.
Schools good
Theres also groombridge which does have pub, dogwalking etc. and good school at groombridge too.

LeahE Mon 15-May-06 13:03:02

Plaxtol is lovely. I have friends who live there and every time I see them I get pangs of jealousy. School is good, a fantastic local pub (plus several others within easy walk), village shop, very quiet, fairly close to Sevenoaks. Sigh...

CountessDracula Mon 15-May-06 13:03:09

is crowborough nice?

charliecat Mon 15-May-06 13:06:38

Theres also hawkenbury and pembury...
Hawkenburys near dunorlan park for dog walking
Pembury has good pub for eating.
Im gonna try and sell rusthall to
In the one road we have a chippy, a chinese, a thai place, a pizza shop, a post office, a laundrette, drycleaning place, a fresh fruit and veg shop, a hardware store/pet shop. All with outside the shop parking along the main street. Cough and 2 ones stops...didnt say that..
Theres rusthall common for dog walking, as well as 2 big woods either side of rusthall.
Theres 3 pubs here. The rocks which are fab. you can walk to town in 20 mins.
Theres the cricket ground for learning to ride a bike and a game of footy..
there sweeps cave to find too

charliecat Mon 15-May-06 13:07:56

Crowboroughs nice, a small town itself. Nice houses there. Woods and very near open countryside. Quick road out to Hastings for the sea too.

Gem13 Mon 15-May-06 13:11:20

Groombridge seems lovely. Bakers, PO, etc. Hartfield has some nice houses - not so sure about school. There's always Forest Row for the flashy Steiner school (Michael Hall - set in a mansion plus grounds).

Crowborough is a bit strange - lots of very big houses and big estates but not enough town to match.

Had a friend who went to school there and was bullied and thinks (understandably) it is a loathsome place.

CountessDracula Mon 15-May-06 13:14:22

Steiner not for dd I don't think!

Have found lovely house nr crowborough here is it nice there?

charliecat Mon 15-May-06 13:17:48

Gems right when she says theres a lot of big houses and not enough town to go with them. You would have to travel into T.Wells for clothes, shopping etc.
Gorgeous House.

Gem13 Mon 15-May-06 13:18:06

Lovely house. Would imagine the drive in to the station might be fairly stressful though. Single road - very fast hill with overtaking stretch - then windy again.

charliecat Mon 15-May-06 13:21:12

What about wadhurst? Thats has its own station.

charliecat Mon 15-May-06 13:22:17

see what pops up here

charliecat Mon 15-May-06 13:23:40

I always wanted to live in this house when i was wee

CountessDracula Mon 15-May-06 13:25:11

Can't be as bad as the tube! At least you are in your car Surely is only 5 miles though...

Gem13 Mon 15-May-06 13:25:21

Just a thought... Have you considered TW itself? I wonder whether, coming from the smoke, you might find the country a bit rural like.

There are grammar schools in TW too which are competitive and some highly regarded primary schools. Some gorgeous houses too!

honeybunny Mon 15-May-06 13:27:36

Crowborough seems to be in the middle of no-where. Nice walking in Ashdown Forest, but a drive away. We gave up looking in Crowborough cos it was always such a pain to get to, still is IMO. We too live in Rusthall. Village school crap but friends have got children into Fordcombe and Speldhurst and Langton village schools from here. But you do have to be able to prove you are church goers and get a written ref from your vicar to be considered for Speldhurst aand Fordcombe.
Groombridge is lovely. Frant and Wadhurst are nice but much pricier. Hildenborough and Bidborough seem nice with good schools but not overly friendly according to some of my friends trying to get into local schools and social scene there. Rotherfield is also another nice village as is Mayfield. Again good schools. Both have train stations.

charliecat Mon 15-May-06 13:28:22

Come do the drive and see if you would prefer to be be nearer the town. Think you might want to be.
Also check to see how much its going to cost to park in T.Wells to get to the train station. Crowborough and Wadhurst have stations but im not sure where the lines go.
And that 5 miles. 3 of it is that hilly bit, 1 of it is winding road and the last mile is chockablock into town.

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