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OK Deep Breath...count to 10, think before you speak.....

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beety Mon 15-May-06 11:26:39

I am ready.

Lesson Planned

Hair done

Make up on

All dressed

Now have 20 mins until I have to leave...perhaps I should do some deep bvreathing!!!

carla Mon 15-May-06 11:28:20

Message deleted

controlfreaky Mon 15-May-06 11:28:48

dont know what you're on about i'm afraid... but GOOD LUCK!

foundintranslation Mon 15-May-06 11:30:00

Good luck beety!!!

beety Mon 15-May-06 11:30:47

job interview

controlfreaky Mon 15-May-06 11:38:35


Ellbell Mon 15-May-06 11:40:35

Good luck! Knock 'em dead!

hulababy Mon 15-May-06 11:46:42

Good luck!

Nemo1977 Mon 15-May-06 11:47:31

oh beety lots of luck hope it goes fab.

CountessDracula Mon 15-May-06 11:51:13

what's the job???

shazronnie Mon 15-May-06 11:56:48

good luck

beety Mon 15-May-06 14:06:54

head of performing arts.....

taught my lesson, now at home got interview in 2 hours

Socci Mon 15-May-06 14:19:53

Message withdrawn

Socci Mon 15-May-06 14:20:13

Message withdrawn

Socci Mon 15-May-06 14:20:19

Message withdrawn

Marina Mon 15-May-06 14:21:11

Socci really wants you to get this job beety
Hope the interview goes really well

Socci Mon 15-May-06 14:23:50

Message withdrawn

Frenchgirl Mon 15-May-06 14:28:38

fingers crossed here Beety!

Esmummy Mon 15-May-06 14:34:55

How did the lesson go Beety ? Are you feeling quietly confident ? Good luck

beety Mon 15-May-06 14:44:48

lesson went well I think, bit rushed and my mouth was sooooo dry. First time I have taught year 9 for many a year.!!!

am pleased overall...and feel ok about the interview...i think....

PanicPants Mon 15-May-06 14:54:40

Ooh good luck beety. Will they let you know today? They usually do with teachers.
Were there many other applicants?

beety Mon 15-May-06 14:57:20

6 all together. I am the wild card!!!!

god do they really tell teachers on the same day..fuck!! so if i dont hear today I have not got the job?? OKAY b y what time to I start drinking the gin???

PanicPants Mon 15-May-06 15:12:00

I've always found out the same day but I'm primary so it might be different for secondary or private schools.
Good luck, 6 applicants is quite a lot though. Will you get a debrifing if you don't get it?

beety Mon 15-May-06 15:13:07

i will ask for one...

beety Mon 15-May-06 15:13:26

the post is highly sort after

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