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Aylesbury, Bucks - recommendations / areas to avoid

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lexiemum Mon 15-May-06 08:11:25

it looks like we may be moving here. don't know which is best / worst area.

Got less than £200K to spend so know we'll probably end up in ex-local authority but where should we avoid?

needs to be on Oxford side as I will have to commute.

will all happen as dd1 starts school so any good recommendations for primary schools too.

bucksmum Mon 15-May-06 18:20:03

Stoke Mandeville is ok, good school

Blandmum Mon 15-May-06 18:21:26

Thame is very nice, and the villages around. Don't know about the schools....we lived there before children.

Expensive though.

MissChief Mon 15-May-06 18:23:51

we're mid move so can ref you to some gen websites: for "profile" of what area is like, schools etc

also a new one

can second re Thame - it's lovely. Think schools quite good - but can check results via upmystreet and ofsted reports from

HTH and good luck with it!

lexiemum Mon 15-May-06 22:37:40

thanks guys. thame out of our bracket me thinks - but will check rightmove!

thanks mischief will checkout sites.

Dh threw this in last night saying a job was coming up in aylesbury and we'll have to move - its taken me 3yrs to settle and find friends in north oxon so slightly panicking about this upheavel but in essence won't be much before christmas as interviewing not till july - he's beem told to apply! TBH come at right time as I'd want to move before DD1 started reception (starts 2007) or wait until she was at least 7/8.

KateF Mon 15-May-06 22:41:05

Friends of ours moved to Aylesbury recently. Live in Broughton which seems pleasant. Princes Risborough and Bierton have best reputation but are pricey. Stoke Mandeville side seems cheaper but have heard negative things about secondary school if that's relevant to you. You could always look at Leighton Buzzard where I live - it's cheaper than Aylesbury, only about 20 mins away and I much prefer it.

lexiemum Mon 15-May-06 22:49:10

thanks Kate - thinking that LB is moving away from Oxford (its near bedford?) so not a good idea. Will check out the other areas though.

I think DH has the paln that he will work 9-5 in aylesbury (no doubt round the corner from new house!) and do the childcare drop off /pick up and I will commute back to Oxford for my job 3 days a week - My priorities are as near to an hour commute as possible and good childcare/school for DDs (both under 5)

KateF Mon 15-May-06 22:53:45

Ah well - it's just me and melissasmummy in LB then . You're right, I hadn't twigged that you need to be the other side of Aylesbury for an Oxford commute. You will be a bit pushed on your budget I'm afraid, Aylesbury is quite expensive. Try looking around Stoke Mandeville but check out the schools first, also the area off Tring Road (both sides) has some nice properties for around your price range (and quite a few around the half million mark too!). Happy house hunting and maybe we'll be nearly neighbours.

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