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Some slapper at dh's work fancies him and is making lewd comments.....

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Northerner Sun 14-May-06 12:27:13

Can't post what she does or says because it is vile. Dh is very honest so that's why he tells me.

He won't report it because 'he can handle it' and I guess men just don't do they?

I am so mad because I think she is totally crossing the line and part of me wants to scratch her eyes out. <but I wont>

I don't know her, have never met her so not really anything I can do.

Just wanted to vent really, what type of women must she be to behave like this towards a married man?

DumbledoresGirl Sun 14-May-06 12:28:08

Why doesn't dh tell her to bog off? Is she senior to him?

Northerner Sun 14-May-06 12:29:35

No, not at all senior!

He does say 'leave it out', 'in your dreams' 'I'm a happily married man' etc etc but she continues.

DumbledoresGirl Sun 14-May-06 12:31:24

What a cow. I remember going on holiday with dh when we had only been going out for a year and there was an older woman there making up to my man. He couldn't see it at all, but I could, and it absolutely enraged me, even though I knew she was no threat to me. So I think your feelings are normal and if I were you, I would be telling dh to speak to her a bit more forcefully.

Donbean Sun 14-May-06 12:32:18

Sexual harrassment isnt it?
If he were mine i would insist that he puts an end to it either officially or by speaking to her directly.
I would not/could not tolerate that.

Donbean Sun 14-May-06 12:33:28

I would also sy "you sort it, or i will"
I would drop kick the bitch across that office no questions!

HMMMMmmmmm premenstrual me thinks

Donbean Sun 14-May-06 12:35:21

That killed that thread then........

Northerner, are you really a northener?

Northerner Sun 14-May-06 12:37:28

Yes I am really a northerner!

Dh doesn't work in an office, he's a chef. So this takes place in a kitchen.

Donbean Sun 14-May-06 12:38:51

Where are you from?

Munz Sun 14-May-06 12:39:30

i'd pick him up and give her evils, failing that make it well known I knew what was going on - althou I get insecure incase DH went away with the person.

does the woman have no self respect if he keep saying bog off/i'm married?? (some women!)

Northerner Sun 14-May-06 12:40:47

I'm from Redcar, now live in Harrogate.

LadyTophamHatt Sun 14-May-06 12:40:48

I'd go to his work a beat the shit out of her.


Donbean Sun 14-May-06 12:42:57

Where is Redcar?
Im near Blackpool.

Ps i think that the consensus is to batter the bitch sensless......not just me premenstrual then!

Northerner Sun 14-May-06 12:44:15

Redcar is near Middlesbrough.

I love Blackpool Dh and I had our first ever dirty weekend in Blackpool. Classy me

So I should go and beat her senseless then?

Donbean Sun 14-May-06 12:45:52


Have some chocolate first...for energy.

Classy indeed! To continue this classy trend, brawl with her in the street!

Munz Sun 14-May-06 12:49:22

yep vote for beating her senceless as well! lol.

Northerner Sun 14-May-06 12:52:47

Seriously, though. I think I might say something to her but I don't know what. Then I'd have to find out who she was anyway.

Will tell dh tonight that he must tell her to eff off or he'll complain.

Daisyb00 Sun 14-May-06 12:53:49

How bl**dy annoying Northerner, I suppose the right thing to say would be to rise above it, but personally I would make sure I'm invited to the next work night out, whereupon I would spend the night all over my dh, to rub her nose in it!

...Alternatively wait for her in the car park, grab her by the hair and batter her senseless with your handbag!!!

Northerner Sun 14-May-06 12:56:05

It's hard to rise above it as it's worse than normal flirting, the things she says make me cringe. Even if dh was single he'd run a mile.

GDG Sun 14-May-06 12:56:09

A woman dh works with made very obvious suggestions to him about going away/meeting up somewhere together. He laughed her off and said he was happily married blah, blah. She just said 'I know, well that doesn't bother me'

Apparently another person has made 'advances'.

Christ alive - they wanna try living with him for a week - they'd run a mile

GDG Sun 14-May-06 12:56:44

PMSL daisy - that's waht I suggest!

Daisyb00 Sun 14-May-06 13:07:21

Northerner, do you think she is doing this because she's bored? (no offence to your dh of course). IME this happens from time to time in the work place because it makes the day more entertaining (in some strange kind of way). Do you think she would really do anything? Not that it makes it any better.
Also, if you investigated, I'm sure that you may find that she has done this before with other people. TBH she sounds a bit lonely if she's going for a married man.

I'm sure your dh won't fancy her with a fat lip and a black eye anyway!

Northerner Sun 14-May-06 13:12:40

Don't think shes bored, it's a very busy kitchen with lots of people. She's married too. She does it to other chef's, nips their bum and stuff but the comments to my dh are by far the worse.

gothicmama Sun 14-May-06 13:13:52

it needs reporting then if she is doingit to others - that's way too sensible if it was me I 'd be opicking him up from work and looking for her

TambaTheDragonSlayer Sun 14-May-06 13:14:13

Maybe not the right thing to do but I would go into work and tell her to back off

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