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Marina Coil

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haberlid Sat 13-May-06 22:58:03

I had the marina coil fitted approx 2 months ago and I am still bleeding, have gained 1/2 stone and feel really emotional. I already have three children and my youngest is 1. I am a nightmare at the moment. I am hardly eating anything because of this weight gain and I just seem to be bigger than ever. Its really getting me down. Has anyone else had similar problems?

2shoes Sat 13-May-06 23:11:40

not sure about the weight thing.. think mine is due to eating.
I have ahd the bleeding though. but when I went back to fp clinic they said it was an age thing.(I am in my 40's) did give me hormone tablets that sorted it though,
Did see a long thread about this ages ago in health. might be worth asking there

suejonez Sun 14-May-06 01:11:48

i spotted for about 2-3 months, the weight and the hormones settled down about the same time. Never looked back after that

Good luck.

haberlid Sun 14-May-06 09:13:07


Perhaps, I will give it another month and see what happens.


FioFio Fri 02-Jun-06 07:41:19

Message deleted

satine Fri 02-Jun-06 07:43:56

My slight weight gain is also entirely due to eating too much and not exercising enough, and otherwise I'm delighted with my mirena.

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