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Famous and attractive women who have 'flaws'.

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Thomcat Fri 12-May-06 21:09:31

Please help.

My darling sister has horrificly bad OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). She also has keloids. Keloids are basically a greatly enlarged scar that projects above the skin surface. A scar usually becomes flat. Unfortunately, sometimes scars enlarge to form firm, smooth, hard growths called keloids.
My sister has about 8 on her back and due to her ocd she has the most awful self loathing, no self asteem whatsoever. I won't bore you with how this affects her, every day of her life, paranoid that peope have seen them and so on.

Anyway, I need to talk to her and try and do something to help, my mum is in pieces and my poor sister is just only going backwards.

Anyway, as part of my talk I want to point out beautiful women that also have scars, disfigurements etc.

I can only think of Mrs McCartney having lost a leg.
Who else is there that I can point out to her?

hunkermunker Fri 12-May-06 21:11:23

Hiya TC

Isn't there a supermodel who has a scar from surgery on her lung? Will have a look and try to think of more xxx

LadyTophamHatt Fri 12-May-06 21:13:26

Ohhh whos that a programme recently....something with the Braithwaites...

Ohhh...whats her name?? amanda..???...oh can't remeber...
she has really bad burns/scars up her left(I think) arm. Always wears shorts sleeves though.

fob Fri 12-May-06 21:14:23

TC - have first hand experience of how distressing severe OCD is.
Does your sister take medication?

Thomcat Fri 12-May-06 21:14:25

On her lung?? ok, keep me posted, thanks.

foundintranslation Fri 12-May-06 21:14:34

Racking my brains but I can't think of anyone right now (although ost of the most attractive women in the public eye are not really the 'conventional' beauties, don't you think?) - but I might be able to help your sister. Don't want to go into detail here and can't post my email address as it's identifying, but CAT me if you like.

waterfalls Fri 12-May-06 21:15:05

Hmmmm, I am not sure that is the way to go about it personally, as that would still be comparing herself to others, her confidence needs building preferebly by a professional, she needs to be taught to love herself, flaws and all.

Greensleeves Fri 12-May-06 21:15:05

Amanda Redman

Nbg Fri 12-May-06 21:15:49

Your poor sister
I suffer with OCD so I kind of know how she feels.

I know Jodie Kidd (supermodel) suffers with really bad Acne.

LadyTophamHatt Fri 12-May-06 21:17:08

Thats it greeny...well done.

shellybelly Fri 12-May-06 21:18:20

coronation street (going back to the mid nineties tho, nutter taxi driver had a thing for her), Denise the hairdresser was it?? I've not seen her in anything since tho

hunkermunker Fri 12-May-06 21:18:29

Some stuff about self esteem here, might help you think of some things to help her?

If there's anything I can do, let me know, TC.

shellybelly Fri 12-May-06 21:19:04

cameron diaz!

Thomcat Fri 12-May-06 21:19:29

Sorry, while i was posting back to Hunker i missed your posts.

Yes, yes - Amanda redfern or something, yes we use her as an example already, thsnks LadyTophamHat

Fob - she takes antidepressants but hers is so, so bad, been 16 years and only ever got worse. She's 31 now. It';s all she knows and doesn't do enough to fight it, help herslef, it's so awful.

Foundintranslation - agree about the beauty thing. I'm emailing you now, through mumsnet.

foundintranslation Fri 12-May-06 21:21:38

Will watch out for the email TC.

Thomcat Fri 12-May-06 21:21:52

waterfalls - i know she does but she can't leave her room let alone the house so after 16 years of this I'll try anything.

Yes - good point re jodie kidd, thanks.

Looking at link now hunker, thanks hon'.

Greensleeves Fri 12-May-06 21:23:19

Anne Boleyn was apparently one of the most attractive women who ever lived, and she had a sixth finger, a third nipple and a big birthmark on her neck

jellyjelly Fri 12-May-06 21:23:23

I have keyloids but they dont bother me other than they hurt when i try to kneel on it (on my knee). Have you searched for breast cancer survivors models there are soem but dont know the names.

Michael jackson, just look at that face.
Christopher reeves paralysied from a horsing accident i believe.

Rik mayal has epilepsy now after an accident and he is so beautifully funny so he must count.
Jeremy beadle funny hand
Steven hawkins

Asa hartford - hole in the heart
Mohammed ali

Couldnt think of many more but these are all the ones i could think of.

Does your sister knwo that these scar came be removed to try to improve apperance but you have to wait 18 months to heal.

Thomcat Fri 12-May-06 21:24:12

oh - foundintranslation, mumsnet charges a fiver to put us in touch with each other now. So would it be ok if you emailed me at sara @ soulbrother. org. uk ? Thanks.

jellyjelly Fri 12-May-06 21:24:30

anastasia she has cronhes disease big scar on her tummy and also battled breast cancer.

Kylie had to have a partial masesctomy.

foundintranslation Fri 12-May-06 21:24:53

will do TC.

Thomcat Fri 12-May-06 21:26:08

Thanks a lot jellyjelly, that's just great.
We tried to improve them with those injections but they got worse It's her ocd that makes the paranoia, self-loathing thing worse.

fob Fri 12-May-06 21:27:40

I know Catherine Zeta Jones has several scars...

try here

Hope this helps.

Thomcat Fri 12-May-06 21:27:44

Thanks you, all, for this, it's moments like this (if you knew how I felt and could see my mum sobbing my arms today) that mumsnet is like a great big guardian angel.

SaintGeorge Fri 12-May-06 21:29:05

Can't remember the name of the actress but Connie from Holby City is a brest cancer survivor. She did a series of photo shoots after her mastectomy.

My DH has keloids over 2/3rds of his torso and both arms. He also has massive scarring on his legs from graft sites. Differnent for us in that I knew him before his accident but I can honestly say if I met him for the first time now, I would still find him as attractive.

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