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The three things that are uppermost in your mind at the moment

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marthamoo Wed 10-May-06 22:34:11

Mine? (and I know I'm lucky, they are lightweight)

1. I hope our tent sells on ebay - finishes Sunday.

2. I want to stick to my points all week and have lost something significant at my WeightWatchers weigh-in next Tuesday (ideally I want to lose another 6lbs before we go on holiday...mmmmmm)

3. I hope we have brilliant weather at half-term because we're having a week in a caravan in Cornwall.

acnebride Wed 10-May-06 22:35:39

Shall I eat the last slice of bread?

What's happened to the National Extension College Website?

Why didn't anyone ever make a flippy book showing the Friends star's faces, so that you could watch them age in front of you?

Katymac Wed 10-May-06 22:35:41

1. How to keep the conservatory cool

2. should I take on the 4 extra children I have been offered

3. Is it time to go to bed

moondog Wed 10-May-06 22:35:43

1) Will I get uop in time to go to the gym tomorrow?

2) I really should go to bed.

3} I'm flying home to Wales on Friday. Thank God

mazzystar Wed 10-May-06 22:36:14

meeting about some potential work tommorrow so,
1. what on earth shall i wear?
2. hope ds sleeps tonight
3. going on holiday on saturday...hooray

controlfreaky2 Wed 10-May-06 22:36:45


Harpsichordcarrier Wed 10-May-06 22:37:07

1. will my power go off again?
2. why did I organise this bloody trip on Saturday?
3. WHERE did I hide that Twix???

burstingbug Wed 10-May-06 22:37:33

1 Hope ds doesn't wake up tonight
2 Hope I get me and ds out the door and on the bus in time to drop him of to my mums so I can get to work in time
3 What am I going to have for lunch and dinner tomorrow

pesme Wed 10-May-06 22:37:33

1. i should go to bed
2. my parents are coming tomorrow and the spare room is a tip.
3 that irish joke just wasn't funny

damnit Wed 10-May-06 22:37:34

1. Did ex p really ring the police and are they going to turn up?

2. Why my friend doesn't fire her childminder.

3. Whether to go and have a drink.

waterfalls Wed 10-May-06 22:37:56

1, we are going on holiday next week and have no spending money yet.

2, I dont fit into any of my holiday clothes....may have to consider crash dieting.


roisin Wed 10-May-06 22:38:07

1. work today
2. work tomorrow
3. ds2's piano lesson tomorrow

misdee Wed 10-May-06 22:38:47

i should go to bed

will the phone ring tonight

i dont want to drive tomorrow.

Miaou Wed 10-May-06 22:39:04

1. I should be in bed, not on here

2. I really should get the washing in off the line but I can't be arsed

3. I have got so much packing to do I really shouldn't be here at all!!!!

foxinsocks Wed 10-May-06 22:40:29

1. ds's playdate here tomorrow with his favourite girl friend (who he says he wants to marry)
2. second night tonight of wearing ear plugs (dh's snoring) and hoping they work and don't hurt my ears
3. dh is very busy at work (and has loads of work social things) so will have the kids alot to myself over next few weeks

Earlybird Wed 10-May-06 22:41:04

1. Thank goodness the conference call is finally over
2. What shall I buy tomorrow for a birthday gift for dd's friend
3. If it's hot and sunny tomorrow, what shall I wear - especially as I'm far too pale/flabby to look forward to summer clothes!

jampots Wed 10-May-06 22:41:24

1. Quick shower before DH at 11 on E4 hoping my newly washed and straightened hair doesnt get wet and therefore frizzy tomorrow

2. Mustnt forget physio appointment tomorrow morning

3. Shall I decide to shag tonigth

snowleopard Wed 10-May-06 22:42:39

1. Why when evening comes and I have free time do I fritter it away blobbing out, MNing and watching LOST on teleport when I should be sewing, gardening, sorting out our holiday and doing tax credits application.

2. DS is growing up so fast...! Almost walking and talking, so exciting but I'm also sad he's not a baby any more...

3. Where's the wine bottle and maybe I'll have a chocolate mousse.

SaintGeorge Wed 10-May-06 22:42:53

1 - Why am I on MN again, I should be working

2 - Why is DH on the sofa snoring when he is supposed to be watching that dvd (again)

3 - damn, do I need to do some washing or is there enough uniform ready for tomorrow.

foundintranslation Wed 10-May-06 22:43:38

lovely thread

1. Sh*t sh*t sh*t - seeing parents for the first time in 6 years NEXT WEEK - why am I doing this?

2. ds - to MMR or not to MMR?

3. How can I manage to get so woozy-and-almost-drunk on one small glass of wine?

Thomcat Wed 10-May-06 22:45:18

1. that i have to read anne franks diary for my book club and i don't want to, i just keep thinking ohhhhh god, you die soon!

2. that hunker is here at 10am tomorrow, i can't be arsed to clear up now and won't have time in morning as have the school run.

3. that i feel shit that my dd1 fell asleep exhausted from crying with me stroking her head but in tears myself and that i need to break the cycle of her crying when i leave the room every night.

4. that my back is killing me, my eyes ache in their sockets and i have at least 2 night feeds to fit in before lottie gets up at 6am!

AllieBongo Wed 10-May-06 22:45:36

1. When will the night shift get here
2. Why has my boss more than halved my hours one week after I buy a new house.
3. Why did my boiler cost me £200 to fix when I've lost more than that in wages..

bubble99 Wed 10-May-06 22:46:17

1) Why has my home been invaded by boxes?

2) Where's Munker?

3) Has Mr Bubble just eaten the last KitKat?

2shoes Wed 10-May-06 22:46:30

1. sex
3. how to get more people to talk to on msn
4 what happened to 2

marthamoo Wed 10-May-06 22:46:44

I'll let you off not being able to count 'cos I love you, TC Go to bed!

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