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DD had a pretty bad nose bleed

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springsummer2001 Tue 02-Apr-13 10:53:25

Last night at about 11 pm my dd came running out of her bedroom holding her nose and her hands were drenched in blood and blood was dripping on the floor as well most of it got caught in her hands but her pillow was quite bad. I took her in to the bathroom to clean her up and when she was on her third piece of kitchen roll a huge long blood clott came out. Earlier in the day she had been swimming with her friend and my dd said her friend was doing something on a float when the float shot away from her friend foot it was an accident as her friend couldn't balance properly and the float hit my dd's nose quite hard.

In September and October 2012 she had pretty bad nose bleeds at school. She didn't have much nosebleeds before September last year bt she had one or two a week in September and October. My dd is starting to worry about the nose bleeds as they are pretty heavy but they only last five minutes

springsummer2001 Tue 02-Apr-13 10:56:34

My dd doesn't pick her nose as she thinks it is disgusting to pick your nose.

EduCated Tue 02-Apr-13 11:01:10

Probably worth popping to the GP to check nothing is amiss, but may well just be one of those things. I used to have spectacular nosebleeds when I was younger for no apparent reason. Mostly grown out of it, though still occasionally get them when stressed.

mummienataliee Thu 11-Apr-13 11:39:38

hi my ds who is 5 suffers with pretty bad nose bleeds ive had him to the doctors a lot over this .they told me all children have very weak blood vessels in the top of there nose but if it continued they could cortorize his nose which is fuse the vessels together i havent let them do this yet as i have heard its painfull.they did also say it could be due to nose picking but ive never seen him nose pick he can just sneeze and it sets it off and lot of the time he is asleep when they doc said its something that can happen and he will grow out of it .

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