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I am going to be a nan-- gulp

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doormat Sat 24-Jan-04 10:19:03

Hi girls

"Hi Mum- you are going to be a nan"


DD1 is pg and now living in Germany.

I am going to be a nan.
Gobsmacked is not the word as i feel i am too young at 36.
But i have got used to the idea now but those words hit me like a ton of bricks.

Dd is getting married asap. Her fiance is a lovely lad.

I will defy nanahood by still wearing my mini-skirts
dh has said i am too old now

I am pretty sure dd1 will be rooting through these boards.

pie Sat 24-Jan-04 10:23:14

WOW!!!! Congratulations Doormat!

ks Sat 24-Jan-04 10:30:40

Message withdrawn

LIZS Sat 24-Jan-04 10:31:47

omg, hope you are over the initial shock. What a scary thought, I'm the same age!!

Congratulations to dd1

SoupDragon Sat 24-Jan-04 10:31:57


Congratulations, grandma!

Demented Sat 24-Jan-04 10:35:40

Congratulations Doormat! Scary though!

lydialemon Sat 24-Jan-04 10:41:50

Congratulations! Go out and buy those twinset and pearls right now

Hulababy Sat 24-Jan-04 10:44:56

Congratulations grandma!!! And to your DD too

Are you going to be a nan, nana, nanny, grandma, grandmother, granny??? Have you chosen yet?

beetroot Sat 24-Jan-04 10:45:06

Message withdrawn

jodee Sat 24-Jan-04 10:49:49

Wow, congratulations Doormat!
Bet you will be the coolest Granny on the block!

doormat Sat 24-Jan-04 11:12:39

Thanx for the messages

I want to be called nan or nanna.

re the twinsets-that is what dh said last night, I laughed my head off.

I told the old grandad-to-be he needs a flat cap and pipe
he was not amused-heehee

mind you neither was I.

Clarinet60 Sat 24-Jan-04 11:17:33

wow, congratulations!
It's really exciting and I hope you keep us posted on all your feelings when you meet the new angel.

sobernow Sat 24-Jan-04 11:24:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

emmatmg Sat 24-Jan-04 11:44:06

Awww, congratulation, I can remember when my mum was a first time nan to my brothers offspring, she was walking on air for days. The granchildren are her life now and they range from 15 yr old Grand-daughter to our DS3 who is 4 months.

Enjoy it, it's will be great fun being a young nan.

suzywong Sat 24-Jan-04 11:59:36

You can enter those Glamorous Grandma competitions they have in Woman's Own
Seriously thouhg, lucky thing having another baby to play with, but not to clean up after!

Chas27 Sat 24-Jan-04 11:59:55

Oh my God!! A Grandma at 36!! That is very, very cool, you lucky thing. How fabulous to be young and have enough energy to devote to your grandchild. Make the most of it

beetroot Sat 24-Jan-04 12:09:21

Message withdrawn

lilibet Sat 24-Jan-04 12:16:16

oh thats fantastic news, really hope that your dd keeps well. When is she due?

And you have a wedding - mother of the bride!!

eidsvold Sat 24-Jan-04 12:17:28

wow congrats - but yet how scary - I am your age and my dd is just 18months old...

again - enjoy

mummysurfer Sat 24-Jan-04 12:24:48

Congratulations Doormat.
MY DPs have a thing on their fridge that says " If I'd known how wonderful grandchildren were I'd have had them first!"

Have you ever slpept with a grandad before? There's a thought.

Lou33 Sat 24-Jan-04 12:48:07

Rofl Mummysurfer!

Wow, big news Nanadoormat, congratulations! You can't give up the mini skirts, I've only just started wearing them again because of you, and I'm 37! The grandchildren will need someone to show them how it should be done anyway .

JanHR Sat 24-Jan-04 12:53:57

congratulation doormat and to your DD, when is the little one due? ::

suedonim Sat 24-Jan-04 13:53:44

OMG, that's so exciting, Doormat! Hope everything goes well.

twiglett Sat 24-Jan-04 14:19:40

message withdrawn

Bron Sat 24-Jan-04 14:39:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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