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University, should i?

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JennH Fri 23-Jan-04 17:22:13

Ok. I live about 10 minutes from the University of Hull, and they have a nursing school and i am very very tempted.

I wanted to be a nurse, but when i was 16, i wanted to leave school and fell into auxilary nursing. I do this now, and i am due to start a new job in April.

If i did a diploma it would mean about £3000 less a year, but also 3yrs without a job, and also going back to education after 7 years.

I don't know, Mark says whatever makes me happy, and i want my baby to have a mum with a great job, and to be able to give her more financially. I am just scared i will not be good enough, and I know that it will be hard to do with a little girl around.


I have ordered the application forms, i just have to choose whether to send them off. I spoke to someone from the university, and she said i had a very high chance of being accepted because of my job and because i am a mature student.

nutcracker Fri 23-Jan-04 17:24:27

Go for it. I was recently doing an access to nursing course but have had to give it up due to other probs i'm having but i'm hopefully going to go back to it if i can. If you don't have the right qualifications, you can do a DC test.

Hulababy Fri 23-Jan-04 17:25:41

If it is what you always wanted to do, and you can now do it, then give it a go. You may always regret it if you don't give yourslef the chance.

nutcracker Fri 23-Jan-04 17:26:54

I can pick your brains then too

JennH Fri 23-Jan-04 17:32:44

I have the qualifications i have NVQ level 2 in care which i got through my previous job and GCSEs.

Also perv on men at uni is a big motivator...

Hulababy Fri 23-Jan-04 17:35:10

I thought that might behind your decision JennH; I remember the bar comments - bet your DH doesn't know that bit

nutcracker Fri 23-Jan-04 17:36:07

Agree with the perving aspect

I got a bit demotivated as i was doing my access course part time which would take 2 years and then 3 yers at uni. I may go back in sept and do it full time as that only takes a year.
I took and passed the DC test but i didn't have any relevant experiance so wasn't sure i'd get in. Plus i don't drive at the mo and the uni is the other side of the city and more IYKWIM
If it had been 10 min away I would of jumped at it.

hmb Fri 23-Jan-04 17:47:45

Give it a go, if you don't enjoy it you can always stop. If you don't try it you might always regret it. Two of the saddest words are 'If only...'

nutcracker Fri 23-Jan-04 18:20:20

Agree with hmb about the 'if only'.

bloss Sat 24-Jan-04 10:35:25

Message withdrawn

GenT Sat 24-Jan-04 13:07:31

I think you should do it just for the fact that you want to do it. Nobody is pushing you so you will be a better student at it as well. mature students always do better and are mmore focused.

I say go for it,besides you wouldn't have to get up too early living only 10 mins away.

lavender1 Sat 24-Jan-04 23:25:07

very much agree with what other shave said. If you've ordered the forms sounds like you really want to do it...yes you would have less income but if Mark is earning and backing you then the happiness you get from doing something you love would surely rub off into your family life....a happy mum is much better for her family than an unhappy one who has money to buy things but is not happy...think you've already have my support and good luck sure you will do the best you can

bobthebaby Sun 25-Jan-04 07:08:15

If you don't go for it in three years all you will be is three years older. If you do you will have the job you always wanted.

Is the real reason you are hesitating that, at the back of your mind, you are afraid of not being accepted on the course?

AussieSim Sun 25-Jan-04 17:08:29

Backing up everyone else. Mature students usually cruise through - better attitude, so much more organised and committed. I have a friend back home who has been a nurses aid for years and years and she went back to uni and is fitting it in around shiftwork, 2 kids and a boozy husband - I have the highest respect for her. She just knows what she wants, and it will be such a great thing for her family too.

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