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Anyone a scuba diver?

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Thomcat Mon 08-May-06 17:35:58

I woke up this morning and decided to do something about the spark of interest I feel in learning to suba dive.

I found details of the London School of Diving that has a day where you can go along and try it to see if you like, cost - 25quid and takes an hour and a half.
If you like and book an open water course they refund you the 25quid and if you book the course the same day they take another 25 off.

The PADI open water course is 399quid and is spread over 2 weekends.

Does that seem reasonable to you?

How fab is scuba diving, how much am I gonna love doing it?

HunKeRMunKeR Mon 08-May-06 17:37:57

DH looked at doing this and had a trial dive at (I think) Highgrove a few years ago - we didn't have the spare cash for him to do it though, so he didn't pursue it. Think he might learn in Cyprus if we ever get back there.

Go for it though - will ask him about it later, if you like?

(Still on for Thursday, btw?)

Enid Mon 08-May-06 17:38:15

its utterly fab

I would recommend learning abroad if at all possible - the red sea is utterly magical

I met dh there and since then we have dived all over the world


hana Mon 08-May-06 17:39:58

I was a diver in previous life - have gone all over Asia. Have never gone in England though. I love love love it and still have fab dreams about being underwater! will get back into I'm sure.....
go for it!

fairyfly Mon 08-May-06 17:40:46

My boyfriend is an instructor and persuaded me to do it.

At first i found it really difficult to not hold my breath when i went under the sea and panicked quite a lot. If you have a good instructor they will hold your hand and take you down gently. Once under the water and swimming with all the fish it was well worth it.

Pruni Mon 08-May-06 17:41:35

Message withdrawn

beckybrastraps Mon 08-May-06 17:44:20

Do it! I trained with BSAC which takes longer, but seemed to me more thorough, and I am a nervous type! I didn't much enjoy the open water dives I had to do in this country (Yorkshire quarry pits!) but LOVE diving where it's warm and clear. Hadn't dived for years when I went on holiday last February, but once I was back in (or under) the water, it was just magical.

Thomcat Mon 08-May-06 21:36:33

He heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Oh, so.........I might really go for this then.
How exciting. I might just actually stop thinking about it, and talking about it and pick up the phone to them tomorrow. He heeeeeeeeee Don't hold me to that tomorrow thing, it might take a bit longer for me to get round to it.

Roobie Mon 08-May-06 21:40:52

I did a whole load of diving around Scotland when I was at Uni and for a few years after - loved it, particularly those winter dives when we were breaking the ice to get in the loch!

Thomcat Mon 08-May-06 22:17:31

If anyone is stiull left to talk to about this - what is the worst thing about scuba diving that I might not like?

mancmum Mon 08-May-06 22:19:30

scuba diving is fab fab fab ... best hobby ever -- could rave on about it for hours -- it is exciting and exhilerating and yet calming and peaceful at the same time...

both DH and I can dive -- he is an instructor -- and it makes for great holidays...

mancmum Mon 08-May-06 22:20:57

oh the worst thing? Just hte faff of getting the kit on and off -- especially the wetsuit.. but small price to pay for the fun and the stunning mesmerising beauty that is the world under the water...

Thomcat Mon 08-May-06 22:22:58

Am feeling really excited by it. Been on my mind to do for a while now b ut woke up this morning and decided to take some action.

mancmum Mon 08-May-06 22:27:14

would recommend PADI over BSAC -- it is quicker but a lot more expensive... something like 4 pool sessions and a couple of open water ones.. and you are qualified.. try to make sure you do your open water ones somewhere nice -- not a quarry pit in Middleton Stoney like i did -- visibility of 2 feet and only shopping trolleys to look at -- think you live in London -- try to get to Swanage -- amazing ship wrecks and good viz.. but not muc fish... get qualified and book holiday to red sea/maldives...

Thomcat Mon 08-May-06 22:47:09


fairyfly Mon 08-May-06 22:53:27

Worst bits, trying not to come back up when you first ut your head under, i just wasn't used to being able to breath underwater and couldn't get past it for a few minutes.

Also i'm a floater so getting used to putting weights on was strange. I kept flying back up to the surface. Boyfriend not a floater.

picnikel Mon 08-May-06 22:57:37

Go for it!

Best bits - feeling of tranquility, weighlessness. Being good at something when you're not a "sporty" type. When i can't sleep I visualise diving so I can relax.

Worst - lugging heavy equipment around, sea sickness.

Have never dived in the UK, DH & I leaned while we lived in Australia. Best diving I've ever done was on Gozo.

<sigh> miss it so much...Have fun!

Thomcat Mon 08-May-06 22:58:07

Just sat giggling at whether I'm a floater or not.

HunKeRMunKeR Mon 08-May-06 22:58:25

DH says it was Highgrove - they'll do you a trial dive.

When he did it it was about £30 and they gave a thorough intro to scuba diving. You'll see if you like it or not and then decide on which full course you want to do.

Just watch out for the old plasters in the deep end

picnikel Mon 08-May-06 23:00:50

I was a floater when I started - always used to be irresistably drawn arse-first to the surface...

dkdad Mon 08-May-06 23:01:04

Worst bit? Realising how much money this is going to take - equipment, travel, etc.

But well worth it!

Browse (don't worry about the Yorkshire reference) by clicking on 'Forum' and you'll find yourself in the diving equivalent of MN.

SueW Mon 08-May-06 23:01:21

DD would love to do it but her condition is an absolute contraindication It's strange looking at PADI websites and seeing this little known condition being so openly listed

Anyway looks like horse-riding has sparked her interest instead and snorkelling is going to do the marine thing. Perhaps when she's older she'll feel more confident to argue her position on 'corrected' with medical back-up.

FWIW, I don't know anyone who's learnt to scuba and regretted it. And once learned it seems to be a good reason to go some fab places on hols.

fairyfly Mon 08-May-06 23:02:04

But when you're a floater you get a hunk of a man dragging you back down and making you feel all safe and secure.

Of course you may get a woman buddy.

Thomcat Mon 08-May-06 23:02:09

Cheers Hunker, would save the schlapp to Gunnersbury. Will ring Highgrove and also Harrow tomorrow and see if they do it before signing up to London school of.

fairyfly Mon 08-May-06 23:04:14

My son wants to be a scuba diver when he grows up, he's 7 and you can start at 8, i don't have much time to rob a bank.

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