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why do employment and suport phone line people not have to answer the phone

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Marney Thu 21-Mar-13 11:53:21

employment and support why does no one answer the phone ive wasted hours in the last two daysphoning 08456088529 i get music and some woman giving the same depressing message about how busy they are and someone might answer the phone but no one ever does they put the number at the top of the letter saying ive got no points have they stopped employing anyone or is it just the worlds easiest job only i couldnt do it there isnt much reason left now in anything not much money left and no hope of any support which yes i was pathetic enough to need what is employment and support thought it was support for no hopers obviously not just a sick money making scam ive prob added 30 pounds i cant afford trying to phone them

andubelievedthat Tue 30-Apr-13 09:24:15

you should ensure you are calling from/on system where u are not charged for call ,and whilst it is absolutely no help to you ,trust me ,once you get thru ,if they wish, they simply hang up on you ,i know ? you don"t want to here this but if your landline/mobile is not part of their free call network ,public call box is .those lines are staffed via a call centre ,by casual staff ,with way to few to answer phones ,think this is bad? wait till everyone has to apply via comp. only, >coming to Britain soon.

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