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OVEN CLEANING - Do you pay for someone to do yours?

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sparkler1 Mon 08-May-06 12:31:15

I'm flicking through the yellow pages as my oven is beyond my cleaning abilities. Where do you start?
Has anyone used "oven cleaners" before and how much did you pay roughly?

yackertyyack Mon 08-May-06 12:48:38

When I looked into it 'cookabura' in our area quoted £65. But I did a fairly good job myself with a new product (name fails me at the moment..the guy from alan titchmarsh garden show advertise it!) where you put all the bits in a big bag and add lots of chemicals and leave overnight and it works amazing well. Although I got a bit messy and can see the appeal of someone else doing it!!!!

Twiglett Mon 08-May-06 12:57:03

ovenu cost about £70 .. but it was when we were re-doing our kitchen and did make it look like new

KBear Mon 08-May-06 13:01:40

you have to CLEAN them?????

waterfalls Mon 08-May-06 13:04:04


mythumbelinas Mon 08-May-06 13:10:24

my friend uses the oven cleaning bag and swears by it.
i use dr beckman's oven cleaner thing.. said it was gentle and all that, but i don't like the smell.

I never heard of somebody coming to clean your oven!! .. but that's me, never pay for such things .. i don't have the luxury to .. i even wash my own car, inside and out!

meowmix Mon 08-May-06 13:31:02

yes - well actually DH did after protracted argument about it being his turn to clean the oven. Looked like a new oven. Marvellous. They leafleted us and I can't remember their name but cost about £35.

Cappucino Mon 08-May-06 13:47:49

lakeland ltd does some cleaning product for about a tenner which is really good

now I always (cough) clean out my oven lightly with steel wool every fortnight to avoid getting into this predicament

<<rolls off laughing>>

JackieNo Mon 08-May-06 13:49:27

I've bought that stuff from Lakeland. It sat on the side for a few weeks. Now I've put it in the cupboard, so I don't have to have it looking at me and reminding me that I still haven't cleaned the d@mn oven.

sparkler1 Mon 08-May-06 13:56:22

I really don't want to do it myself this time. It's bad!
Meowmix - it's a shame that you don't remember who did yours. I don't mind paying £35 - £70+ is a bit steep IMO. I'd rather get dirty myself than pay that much.

deegward Mon 08-May-06 14:06:14

yeess, and he's coming on Thursday. I pay £36 and get it done once a quarter, everytime, I think I will try to keep it like this, but heh I'm keeping the man in work

2shoes Mon 08-May-06 14:19:42

sorry isn't this why we have men????

sparkler1 Mon 08-May-06 14:22:11

not in this house 2shoes - dh has never cleaned our oven

JanH Mon 08-May-06 14:26:08


Ring them all for a quote, sparkler - price depends on where you are and how big your oven is.

handlemecarefully Mon 08-May-06 14:45:37

I get my cleaner to do it - I ask her to come in for an extra 2-3 hour session (she gets paid £7.50 per hour)

Have you got a cleaner? (if so perhaps you could do the same)

handlemecarefully Mon 08-May-06 14:47:27

Just realised that on this basis my oven cleaning costs around £22 plus any cleaning materials....Not too bad eh? You could ask a domestics / cleaning agency for a one off quote to do this rather specialist 'oven cleaners' - it might be cheaper?

meowmix Mon 08-May-06 16:37:52

I asked DH but he helpfully said it was "some name with clean in it" which may not limit the possibilities.... Have to say Ovenclean rings bells (but may just be having a literal moment)

Laura032004 Mon 08-May-06 17:27:30

I used to clean ovens all the time when I ran a cleaning business (for when people move out of rented accom and have to leave house A1 clean). I used to dismantle as far as poss, and stick everything in thick bin liners. I'd put a cloth soaked in ammonia in each one, and leave overnight. Most of the gunk would then hose off in the shower.

I'd probably pay £30ish to get mine done though when you think about time and cleaning product costs.

saggybaggydroopy Mon 08-May-06 20:33:51

Do they charge more for a really filthy oven?

galaxy Mon 08-May-06 20:46:55

We've used Oven Cleaning COmpany . They were really good

PinkKerPlink Mon 08-May-06 20:51:47

you bunch of lazy cows

nursetigger6 Mon 08-May-06 23:39:38

I have the Lakeland stuff but my oven needs a damn good seeing to in my opinon!! , the Lakeland stuff is called Oven-mate and is:!4972 (pants at doing links) although they have an offer on at the moment for the stuff and a cleaning tray:!20299

Passionflower Mon 08-May-06 23:56:59

Ovenu quoted me £95 for our range oven. Am still thinking about it because that is a lot, but can't bring myself to tackle the job. Tis too horrendous .

Tortington Tue 09-May-06 00:02:10

i'd have to clean it before i let anyone see it to clean it.

Ledodgyherring Tue 09-May-06 00:02:57

I don't think i'd ever have enough money to justify paying someone to come and clean my oven.

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