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Stop me from becoming Mrs Thunderthighs please!

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Northerner Thu 22-Jan-04 16:05:37

I have recently put on a few pounds which I am trying to remedy. The thing which I find most preturbing is that my inner thighs at the top will soon be touching, and I don't want that to happen. What excercises can I do?


marialuisa Thu 22-Jan-04 16:15:32

I bought one of those thigh squeezer things from next but am too lazy to use it. Find it hard as now have a very sedentary lifestyle but DH is constantly referring to my wobbly arse and thighs He takes delight in telling me that one day i'll wake up and realise size 8 days have gone forever...

sorry, no help, but lots of symapthy and understanding!

Babybags Thu 22-Jan-04 16:27:03

You can't spot reduce fat I'm afraid All you can do is exercise and diet. The exercise will tone the saggy bits and the diet will reduce the fat. Weight bearing cardio exercise such as running/walking will probably give you the quickest results.

This is soemone who is still 1 1/2 stones overweight after putting on 4 stone during pregnancy so I know exactly where you're coming from

Babybags Thu 22-Jan-04 16:28:16

Marialuisa - what's a size 8. I'm sure I went from childrens sizes straight to a size 14 adult!

Northerner Thu 22-Jan-04 16:30:00


Seriously, I guess I knew that really. Just need to motivate myself now................

udar Thu 22-Jan-04 17:36:25

Remember to set yourself realistic goals.
Things like I'll do 30mins 3x a week and if I do that I can have (whatever reward you choose) I find has the best results. It might not work quite as fast as you probably negate one day's hard work with the reward but as you aren't sacrificing something too much you will keep it going for longer.

MancMum Thu 22-Jan-04 18:53:07

I would be interested to read if you get a magic remedy as I have the fattest thighs in history - I think they were the biggest part of me when I was pg - and my ds was 10lb!

I am not so much pear shaped as pyramidal..

The only thing I find helps is lunges and running and as I hate both, I continue to resemble a wonder of the ancient world...

aloha Thu 22-Jan-04 19:07:21

Northerner, hmm, so the tops of your thighs don't touch and you are worried? I can barely remember a time when they didn't touch. Now they practically wrap themselves around each other.

Demented Thu 22-Jan-04 22:42:22

Is there a BodyPump class near you? Tones everything but the thighs get a good beating too!

Chandra Fri 23-Jan-04 22:29:29

Fencing is great for the legs. Is the only exercise that has made my thighs slimer in all my long life. It was great while it last, however if you are not exactly good at it you won't have a chance to show your wonderful body as it will be covered in bruises from arms to toes.

Bede Sat 24-Jan-04 00:39:45

I've only just found this site (never 'chatted' before either)and did not know where to start. This page made me smile. I too have HUGE thighs, I compare them to Trisha Goddards from the 'Trisha Show' every morning. Has anyone got any suggestions of shops which sell trousers which accommodate large thighs?

Chandra Sat 24-Jan-04 01:47:54

Welcome Bede,

It depends where you are and the style you are looking for, however I believe the largest I ever found in this country is 18 (which is about an american 14)

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