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Anyone in Munich?

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bunnyrabbit Wed 21-Jan-04 14:19:28

I'm going to visit my sister in Munich on March 21st and, as DS will be just over 6 months and she has no kiddies, we need to rent/hire a few things for the visit.

Is there anyone who lives in Munich that could give me ideas of where we can get these from??

Cot/Travel cot
Car seat

Would like:
High Chair
Steriliser (have the bags but they only do one bottle at a time so are a pain)



bunnyrabbit Wed 21-Jan-04 22:51:26


Gem13 Wed 21-Jan-04 23:07:02

Only to say that we took DS's car seat with us when we went on holiday to Italy (he was 10 months). It is a Britax Rock-a-Tot so light and easy to transport. We put it in a clear plastic binbag so that (hopefully!) the aircraft people handled it carefully.

We also took a fabric Tamsit thingy instead of a highchair.

Can't help on the cot or steriliser front though.

JanH Wed 21-Jan-04 23:33:37

BR, I have a friend in Bavaria, they use Munich airport, she doesn't have small children any more but I could ask her? (Have copy/pasted your details, I'll get back to you!)

JanH Thu 22-Jan-04 09:10:15

Hi, BR

My friend's reply:

<<I had a quick look online and in the yellow pages but can't see anything that leaps off the page. I've e-mailed the biggest babyshop in Munich to see if they rent out but I'm not terribly optimistic: I remember what a pain it was travelling around when the children were small and not being able to find stuff to hire.

It's just possible that a chemist might hire out a sterilising unit: they certainly hire things like breast-expressing machines. I'll try and nip into the chemist in my lunch hour and reccie.

Re. car seat - if they are hiring a car, the car hire company usually have baby seats to rent.

I'll get back to you if I find out any more>>

So it doesn't look very hopeful. Could your DS still fit into a first-stage car seat, with a handle, that you could take with you? Is it essential to sterilise bottles? A good scrub and/or dishwash would get them clean and you can boil the teats and caps in a big saucepan, or at least I used to boil latex ones, not sure about silicone. (Could you improvise a sterilising unit with a big pan/bowl and a plate?) Could you buy/borrow one of those really portable travel cots here and take it in your luggage?

We used to have a folding seat which "hung" on the table or a breakfast bar - I think 6 months would be a bit small for it though and I can't remember what it was called. And it was years ago - baby technology will have moved on!

Otherwise could your sister ask around - a friend or a friend of a friend might have things she could borrow?


codswallop Thu 22-Jan-04 09:16:56

I have a seat thing you can borrow - tamsit type thing - can post easily. Also have a microwave steriliser but I reckon you could do without.. I never strilise - just pour some hot water over the teat?

Cols you just use a large empty drawer as a cot?(sorry to sound like a madwoman..)

JanH Thu 22-Jan-04 09:17:51

Oh - here you go! Portable high chairs - I was thinking of the one called "table seat portable highchair" but the ones either side of it say they pack pretty flat and would be more useful later too.

Blackduck Thu 22-Jan-04 09:22:26

Steriliser....get a large plastic container (fodd one, ice cream one whatever...) and use the tablets - cold water sterilising takes 30 mins...I did this in Portugal in the summer - three bottles at a time...tub takes up no room in the suitcase and the tablets are cheap. My sil didn't even bother with that - she simply used boiling water to clean everything...

JanH Thu 22-Jan-04 09:22:28

Gppd travel cot?
It gets 20/20 and no negatives!

LIZS Thu 22-Jan-04 09:35:46

If Germany is like Switzerland then they just don't sterilise - dishwasher or run under a kettle of water suffices ! Could you bring steriliser tablets and borrow a suitable container - the solution is good for 24 hours or so and you can just put clean stuff in and leave until needed. - or use cold water steriliser travel bags from Tommee Tippee which hold several bottles and bits.

Bring your own infant car seat and carry it onto plane. If there is a spare seat you can often use it to give yourselves a break from holding the baby or get it shrink wrapped at the airport to put in hold.

I know the sort of seat JanH means but I'd be wary at using it at 6 months - it requires certain weight and secure grips to counterbalance successfully and the baby needs to sit well. Could you not just use the car seat ?

Travel cot is a tricky one but could you take one ? I know it sounds a pain but it might be the best solution as most fold up to holdall size. Otherwise we used a carrycot (bit of a squeeze) for ds at that age.

There may well be a Toys r Us or equivalent in Munich so perhaps your sister could buy the bits you need and then you'd only have to transport them back one way if that is your concern, or perhaps a work colleague could lend.

Hope you have some success

bunnyrabbit Thu 22-Jan-04 22:44:42

Wow thanks for all the replies....

Funny .. but my mum said she used to put me in a drawer when I was baby, so Codswallop, you're not quite as mad as you think!!

Thanks so much for this, you're friend is an angel...

Lizs, problem is the car seat is pretty heavy as it's first stage from a travel system...

Thing is, as I'm only going for 4 days, I wanted to take as little as possible so really didn't want to lug the travel cot and high chair around. Also, DH isn't coming, it's only mum and me so the less luggage the better. I don't really want my mum to have to carry anything if possible.

I've got the steriliser bags for the microwave so will use these, (or as blackduck suggests, do it the old fashion way) and I'll put DS on the floor if I have to...... not sure if I'll find a drawer big enough!!

Cheers guys.


JanH Thu 22-Jan-04 23:05:53

Hi again, br - my conscientious friend has further thoughts! (V long post - sorry!)

<<The baby place in Munich got back to me and said they don’t do hire. Pity. I would definitely recommend buying a travel cot – you get really compact, lightweight ones and normally airlines are really good about bulky luggage for babies. A friend of mine has one which she takes with her when she travels to America. (First trip with her second baby when said baby was 8 weeks old.) She’d prolly be as cheap actually: we hired a cot one time when we flew home with Catriona and it was quite pricey. (Also the cot we hired wasn’t really as safe as a good travel cot would be.) That was just for a couple of weeks – if your friend is going for longer than that, I bet it becomes worthwhile. Also, travel cots double as playpens – even if you don’t approve of playpens in principle, it’s awfully handy to be able to „dump“ a baby in there for a minute or two while you answer the door, switch the cooker off or whatever.

I’ve mailed another friend in Munich who has young children, just in case she can come up with anything I couldn’t find online or in the yellow pages. I doubt if she’s going to get back to me before I leave but I may have the odd chance to check my mail when I’m home so if I hear anything I’ll let you know.

Didn’t make it to the chemist – today turned out to be a stonker and my lunch break didn’t happen. In fact, I only got home from work at about 8.30. Yucky yuck. If I’m in time tomorrow, though, I’ll pop into the chemist at the airport – they should be able to tell what is available in the way of sterilising stuff. Though I would be inclined just to boil and take Boots’ sterilising tablets or something.>>

(She's one of those people who never stops - I think her brain carries on doing stuff while she's asleep!)

Do think about a travel cot - they are much lighter and more compact to carry than they used to be (have shoulder straps I think) and can be useful at home as well as for travelling. (I think 6 months is a bit big for a drawer unless your sis has enormous furniture!) But he could sleep on the floor - we were once stuck without a cot with dd1 when she was 11 months (it was one of those nightmare trips when everything that could go wrong did - we had the cot parts but the screws were in somebody's glovebox miles abd miles away!) and she did go to sleep on the floor - eventually!

Are you taking the travel system as a buggy? Or could you borrow a light simple first-stage carseat from somebody?

bunnyrabbit Fri 23-Jan-04 13:37:16

Thanks once again to you and your friend. Great that she has a firiend in Munich with kids.. hopefully she have some ideas.

Don't really want to have to take travel cot as I said, so if my sister can't get one... he'll be sleeping on the floor!! Poor deprived child!

Not taking the travel system as it's far to heavy to lug around. Will be taking a stroller (which I haven't bought yet!).

Hopefully my sister will be able to hire a carseat from somewhere.

Yours, wishing I hadn't agreed to go now...


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