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DDs old passport says she's a boy!

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frumpygrumpy Fri 05-May-06 13:23:32

After 5 years I today sent off for a new passport for DD. I have only just noticed that they have got her down as M for male!!!! Her birth cert is/was correct when I sent it in all those years ago.

I have sent off the form, photos and old passport. I think maybe I should have included her birth certificate anyway to reinforce the issue but normally you wouldn't have to include it in a renewal.

Do you think this is going to be a problem? I couldn't bear it!!! I have been collating all the stuff for her and my 21 month DTs since about February, been back and forward to friends who didn't fill in their bit correctly, back and forward to P.O. when I took in abbreviated birth certs for the DTs instead of full ones, not to mention how hard it was to get photos of the wriggling DTs!!!!!

I either need and gin and tonic or a long lie down in a dark place .

Rhubarb Fri 05-May-06 13:25:38

Ooooh, the Passport Agency have a hotline on their website, I'd call it if I were you. If she is obviously a girl and the Passport says boy, you might have a problem I think.

frumpygrumpy Fri 05-May-06 13:29:06

Sorry I've misled you. Its her old one that says she's a boy. I've just applied for her new one. We have been travelling about blissfully ignorant that it has always said M.

frumpygrumpy Fri 05-May-06 13:31:20

They are going to sit down with the old passport that says M and the new application and photos that are female. She's 6 months old in the old photo wearing a pink babygrow but has no hair and so could be grant mitchell for all they know!

I'm warbling. Tell me to shut up. Its the stress.

Rhubarb Fri 05-May-06 13:32:19

Phone them anyway and tell them that her old passport says she is a boy, just to make sure they don't do the same on the new passport.

JackieNo Fri 05-May-06 13:32:34

Ring the hotline and ask anyway, just to put your mind at rest?

frumpygrumpy Fri 05-May-06 13:35:06

Yeah, I'll ring I think. I think I might open a can of worms but I have no choice. I'm obviously smuggling kids, I mean, two pregnancies, 3 kids, dodgy upper lip hair, the list goes on......

Rhubarb Fri 05-May-06 13:35:37

frumpygrumpy Fri 05-May-06 13:44:59

I've to ring back in a week. I guess they're gona have me under surveillance for a bit. Ah, it goes on........ just as well I started in February, we leave in 9 weeks .

frumpygrumpy Tue 23-May-06 21:56:45

<massive exhalation>

I've been cleared, its here, call off the dogs

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