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Dimwit questions about getting a second hand blackberry and using my sim from my brick...

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JoyceDivision Wed 06-Mar-13 22:56:35

so, my cousin has laughed so much at my phone he's giving me his blackberry shortly when he upgrades grin

my phone is a basic nokia that has a pants camera on the back, no radio / mp3 player etc.. just rings, texts and takes shit pics.

I'm on pay as you go because I don't use it that much, so, when I get the phone, do i just put my sim in and all the features such as internet connection and being able to read my emails will work? Or do I need a new sim?

Woud rather check first than walk nto phone shop and be taken for a ride because they will totally see me coming!

timidviper Wed 06-Mar-13 22:58:56

I don't know if you could use your sim but, even if you can, data may be expensive on PAYG so you might run up a big bill. I would just go and ask the phone shop

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