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How many pushchairs/prams have you owned?

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marthamoo Tue 20-Jan-04 13:52:41

I am embroiled in a battle with dh at the moment because I want a new pushchair for ds2 and he says no. We have a Chicco Trekking at the moment, and OK, I did swear that this would definitely be the last one EVER. But it's got really rickety (all rivets not screws so nothing that can be tightened up), it's so heavy to push now ds2's a toddler, I can barely get it up the step into the house straw...the raincover is completely useless now his legs are longer, it is made of nylon (like cagoule material) and his trousers and shoes were soaked by the time we got to JoJingles today. Plus I have a bad back and I'm sure it's making it worse.

Dh's response? "How many pushchairs have we had now? You said this would be the last one we'd need? Can't you wrap his legs up in something? I can't see anything wrong with it. And [saved the best til last] My Mother only had one pushchair with all three of us, it was always falling apart, but she made do."

To answer my own question we have had:

ds1: Graco Seville 3-in-1 thing..completely pants.
Scallywags cheapo buggy, fell apart and was mended umpteen times til eventually I lost my temper and jumped up and down on it.
Maclaren buggy - wore this one into the ground.
ds2: proper old fashioned pram, cheap American import but LOVED it, but he started trying to throw himself out at 6 months.
Chicco Trekking.
Oh and a cheapo Lidl buggy that cost £20 which we took on holiday.

That's six for two that excessive? How many have MNers had?

LIZS Tue 20-Jan-04 14:02:07

We've had 3 :-
Silver Cross 3 in 1 which was great for little babies and walks along country lanes.
Maclaren Classic buggy - now suffering as 5 years old, lack of clips and footrest support dodgy.
Both above have done ds and dd
Quinny Fashion 3 wheeler for dd as we needed something comfy enough for small baby which could go up mountains and through snow.

How old is your ds2 ? Required longevity would detremine the expense if I were you. dd is 2 and dh is adamant that the Maclaren will outlast her need ....

marthamoo Tue 20-Jan-04 14:06:54

Ds2 is just 2 (December)...ds1 still went in his MacLaren til he was about 3.5.

zebra Tue 20-Jan-04 14:07:05

This Thread should satisfy your curiousity, Marthamoo.

marthamoo Tue 20-Jan-04 14:15:43

Thanks zebra - good ammo for arguing with dh "well, nutcracker's had 13 buggies for 3 children, and sliverx2 has had 17 for two children". Makes my six sound positively frugal

nutcracker Tue 20-Jan-04 15:49:08

I have to be extremely sneaky if i want to buy a new pushchair (loosening screws e.t.c). I can always think of some reason why the current buggy is no good, when actually the only reason is that i'm bored with it.

WSM Tue 20-Jan-04 15:55:56

I'm on my ummmm....

M&P 3in1 - SOLD ON
Big & Bouncy Cosatto 2in1 - SOLD ON
M&P Pliko - SOLD ON
Mothercare Rhumba stroller - AT MUMS
M&P Aria - SOLD ON
Maclaren Techno XT - STILL GOT
Mothercare Urban Detour Pinnacle - STILL GOT

...7th, for one DD (now 17months). Have had to promise DH that I will call it a day now on the pram front, at least until the next baby .

Have just worked out the total amount I have spent on prams for DD so far, it amounts to over a whopping £1300 !!!! That does sound excessive but I did sell the others on and put the moeny to the next purchase, so realistically I am only really around £100 out of pocket.

nutcracker Tue 20-Jan-04 15:59:50

I have sold loads of mine on, and bought alot of them 2nd hand do it's not so bad.

Twinkie Tue 20-Jan-04 16:11:55

I've only had 5 - DD nearly 4 and this one we have now is pink and was £35 from MCare - she hardly uses it anymore so may chuck that too soon!!

dinosaur Tue 20-Jan-04 16:14:21

Six if you include double buggy.

Jaybee Tue 20-Jan-04 16:24:28

Had three for two children - M & P Three in one did both for their first year - then ds had a Maclaran buggy - which was used to death but still did dd until she was almost 2 when we bought a cheap Mothercare buggy as the Maclaran fell apart.

jessmack Tue 20-Jan-04 16:56:21

Had a Graco travel system for ds(now 4y6m), also a cheap umbrella buggy for a holiday. Graco one lasted until dd (now 2y 6m) was a few months old, and dh parked it in front of a landrover, and the driver (a friend of dh's) didn't notice it was there, and ran it over...luckily dd wasn't in it at the time...! Borrowed a 3 in 1 thing from a friend until dd was bigger and then bought a chicco(?) trekker, which lasted 8 months til it broke at the back (it was out of warranty, I always meant to write to the manufacturers, but somehow never got around to it). We then bought a cheap (20 quid) umbrella buggy which we have had ever since - it has lasted longer than the 50quid chicco one. Oh and the first umbrella buggy - my mum threw it out when she moved house (grrrrrrrrrrrr) and I have just remembered we also had another umbrella buggy (we bought for a fiver second hand which broke really quickly) for my mums house.

so that is 6 for 2 kids, one of those borrowed, and one second hand.

SHIREENSMOM Tue 20-Jan-04 20:46:53

our dd is now 2, i have a graco travel system when she was born witch i sold when she was 10 months old cause it was too heavy then i bought a ubberella one from toys are us for £40 that lasted a year and it broke now i ve got a maclaren tecno tx i think its called and its brilliant i wish i bought it sooner and we have a £20 stroller kept in the boot so ive had 4

Linnet Tue 20-Jan-04 21:33:58

We bought a pram from mothercare when dd was born, can't remember if it had a name or not but it was a mothercare own brand iykwim. dd was in that from birth. When she was 1 my granny bought her a maclaren stroller as it was lighter for short journeys, holidays etc. It was ok but after a year the wheel fell off. Had to get it fixed but it never seemed the same afterwards.

when dd was 3 we took her out of the pram/buggy and she walked most places (had to learn to walk to nursery as there was nowhere to store the pram/buggy while she was there). So they were relegated to the cupboard and have now been banished to the shed outside to make room for dh's new bike. They aren't worth selling and I don't plan to use them again since they've been in the damp shed all winter. Going to buy a new pram for d? due in May.

So in answer to your question I've had 2 for one child. But they were used until almost wrecked anyway as we don't drive and have to walk everywhere so we got the wear out of them.

Demented Tue 20-Jan-04 23:18:33

For DS1 we had a Bebecar 2-in-1-plus pram, then a Maclaren buggy that we took on holiday and it became all wobbly as we were dragging it up the beach laden with nappies and bottles of wine (and of course DS1 ), we decided to keep that one for holidays and bought a new Maclaren, it lasted just over a year when it broke, Argos let us exchange the buggy, chose a Chicco, it didn't fit in the car and I had already used it so couldn't take it back, sold it in the paper and bought a Mothercare Urban Detour. I haven't bought any new buggies since having DS2 although I have a hankering for one.

We have had 5 in total and still have three of these, the Bebecar, holiday Maclaren and Urban Detour.

Demented Tue 20-Jan-04 23:19:59

Oh, I've just remembered, I had another Maclaren in between the holiday one and the one I bought in Argos, the lie-back mechanism didn't work properly and the shop faffed about wanting to repair it and never doing anything so I asked for my money back. So that's 6 in all.

Gomez Tue 20-Jan-04 23:26:00

Eh, 1 for 1 DD - M & P Pliko Treking from birth til about 2 and a bit, then she didn't need one.

From reading these I am weird then and will need to make up for it this time around!

gonebuggynuts Wed 26-Sep-07 00:13:14

lol i have 3 children and ive had 20 prams/pushchairs lol omg i am nuts and i still am swapping and selling and buying lol

Alambil Wed 26-Sep-07 00:24:02

3 all together for my 1 child

First, a Bertini Bidwell - brilliant pram (used moses basket mattress to make a pram bit), fantastic in Isle of Man winters!

then a cheap Mothercare stroller; ex wouldn't let me have a decent one, was heavy (although did lay totally flat - very good on that count, just heavy for a stroller)

then last, a Maclaren Quest - brilliant buggy, bought when I left ex and wanted a decent pushchair!

miobombino Wed 26-Sep-07 09:46:30

Haven't time to add up what we've had for our 4 children, but ds3 (the 4th and last !) has had the following:
Silver Cross 3 in one when newborn - was used also by dc3.
P&T single; I walked out every morning with him to do school run in hilly area.
Maclaren techno at 6m as second smaller buggy
Maclaren triumph to take on holiday at age 17m or so (thinking back, actually could have got Triumph rather than Techno in the first place).
Triumph was then used as main buggy.

I sold the P&T and the Techno for good prices on Ebay.

Ds3 is now 3.5 and keen on his Likeabike. In fact this morning I'm going to sit down and order some waterproofs for him to keep him dry in all weathers. The Triumph is in our garage & I will probably Ebay it soon.

I don't think your usage is excessive especially as some of the buggies have been "budget" buys; have you looked at Kiddicare to see what's going cheap atm ? My Triumph was very cheap from there but it's compact and perhaps not ideal if dry legs is one of your aims.

themoon66 Wed 26-Sep-07 12:10:57

Just one... for two children. Am I unusual?

Hulababy Wed 26-Sep-07 12:12:47

2 - for one DD.

First was an all terrain three wheeler which we used from birth upwards. Other one was a Maclaren Volo which we initially used for travel and holidays.

Hulababy Wed 26-Sep-07 12:13:10

Have actually just sold both pushchairs this week - they were posted yesterday. End of an era

NadineBaggott Wed 26-Sep-07 12:14:53

1 silver cross pram
1 carry cot on wheels
1 collapsible pushchair bought with Heinz babyfood vouchers
1 McLaren umbrella pushchair

3 kids in the 70's

HappyDaddy Wed 26-Sep-07 12:15:52


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