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contraception - implanon not for me - where now?

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lady Tue 20-Jan-04 11:41:22

I have 3 children, the youngest being 21mths. I think I don't want more, but not 100% sure. Since last March I have had an Implanon implant (which, if you don't know, is a little rod inserted in your arm which gives off a hormone and lasts 3 yrs. Can be removed at any time but they try not to encourage that is it obviously costs a lot.) One of the side effects is spotting/bleeding and this has been almost constant for me. The last check up I had, she put me on the pill at the same time for 3 mths to try to kick-start a proper cycle of some sort, but 2 wks after coming finishing that, the bleeding started again and I have had 2 days off in the last month. You can imagine what this does for our (already fairly non-existent) sex-life, not to mention my morale, and I also think it is affecting my ability to lose weight.
But I just don't know what to do. I am really nervous about the pill, as I am just not sure that I would remember it - or need the added stress of knowing that I need to (my kids are 5, 3, and the little horror, so life is fairly hectic!). Does anyone have any advice for me? Accidents aren't an option. If I have another baby it will be a calculated decision.

dinosaur Tue 20-Jan-04 11:51:33

Condoms? No side effects, very safe if you (or your DP anyway) use them properly.

lady Tue 20-Jan-04 11:53:35

used condoms in between pregs, but I think want something a bit less fiddly now. Try to bring some spontaneity back!

JanHR Tue 20-Jan-04 11:55:10

What about the injection. I believe you need it repeat every 3 or 6 months.
Have you discussed it with your doctor?

dinosaur Tue 20-Jan-04 11:57:33

I know that is the downside.

I personally would never take the contraceptive pill again, I came off it in my late twenties and really regretted not doing so earlier.

lady Tue 20-Jan-04 17:14:04

Why do you feel that about the pill, dinosaur? I mean, do you feel that the hormones from the pill are any worse than any other hormonal method?
Re the injection.. No, I think it's longer lasting than that, and that's what worries me about it - ie once you've had it that's it for - I think 3 years again.
There is the coil, but I have a mental blockage about that. Don't mind having something under my skin on my arm but not sure about having something inserted (and left) elsewhere. Is that a daft way to feel?
I hae tried speaking to doctor, practise nurse and family planning people about it and they all seem to have the same attitude - these are the options and it's your choice. Fair enough I s'pose. Just wondered if I might find a like mind out there who found something that really suited her.

dinosaur Tue 20-Jan-04 17:15:38

I haven't tried any other hormonal method, but when I came off the pill I felt so much better, my sex drive was much higher, I enjoyed knowing where I was in my cycle, and I stopped getting thrush, which had become a chronic problem for me.

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