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Old carpet stains

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debster Mon 19-Jan-04 16:23:57

A few months ago I tried removing some stains from our very pale carpet using 1001 carpet and upholstery cleaner. The stains were mainly from our shoes (mud, dirt etc). The stains appeared to have gone but recently I have noticed dark circles appearing where the stains were. It almost looks like where I squirted the cleaner caused its own stain (if that makes sense). I now have about six or seven dark patches on the carpet. Does anyone know what it might be and how to get rid of them? I am almost too scared to use any more cleaning products in case they make a bigger stain.

Also does anyone know how to get rid of poo stains? Dd (16months) decided to go on our bedroom floor the other night and you can still see a shadow. BTW we used water this time!

Twinkie Mon 19-Jan-04 16:26:38

Vanish Carpet Cleaner - Powershot stuff - it is brill even got a bottle of red wine off of our pale beige wool carpet.

And there is always the magic miture of a little fairy liquid mixed with washing powder & water - believe me use that at your peril - you have to do all of the carpet as it gets it soo clean!!!

ks Mon 19-Jan-04 16:33:28

Message withdrawn

debster Tue 20-Jan-04 08:56:04

Ooooh Twinkie sounds promising - sorry to be so useless but could you give me some measurements - are we talking teaspoons of powder or a pinch, a few drops of liquid or a big squirt? Knowing my luck I'd end up with a carpet full of froth from using too much soap powder!! I presume I could use any old washing up liquid and powder? You can tell I'm not familiar with cleaning can't you?

Twinkie Tue 20-Jan-04 09:09:58

I always use Fairy (for me there is no other)and have always used Fairy washing powder too (although have seen it done with DAZ!!) - you use a small squirt of the liquid and a teaspoon of the powder - you may get froth but just keep scrubbing and when you get desired result rinse - obviously not with too much water - especially if you have a wool carpet.

It is really good but you should do the whole carpet - I have seen a crpet where this methid was used and the clean spots looked really odd

debster Tue 20-Jan-04 09:29:47

OK thanks twinkie. When you say rinse - how do you do this on a carpet? Do you pour water on and soak it up with towels or do you dab a wet cloth over it? We don't have a wool carpet only a cheapy one. Again - apologies for the daft questions.

Twinkie Tue 20-Jan-04 09:34:14

No - don't pour water on it - just keep wiping with a cloth and keep rinsing that cloth in clean water - you will eventually get rid of any suds.

debster Tue 20-Jan-04 12:32:13

Thanks Twinkie - guess what I'm going to be doing this weekend!

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