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Working from Home - Bookkeeping

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Joe1 Tue 15-Jan-02 12:36:32

I want to find a job or career that I can do from home. I am thinking of taking a Bookkeeping and Accounts correspondence course and later work towards an accountant. Does anybody else do bookkeeping from home? How easy is it to build up your work, are you in demand? How much can you approx earn (no exact figures required) per account?
Thanks all.

Viv Wed 16-Jan-02 12:03:08

Joe1, I do a combination of Bookeeping/ Accounts work some on clients site other from home. I charge by the hour and how much depends on the level of complications required. ie: Preparing Final Accounts, Cash Flows etc. cost more than keeping recoerds and paying invoices. I started with the one client where I work 3 days a week on his site and since then have achieved other work from home. The contacts came from the Auditors of my first Client who are often asked for bookeepers and also from the Chartered Accoutant who calcualtes the tax for my own Company I have set up.
I did need to buy a copy of Sage to simplfy things for myself and keep everything straight.
Good luck with the studying and if you want any more info / help do get back in touch.

Joe1 Thu 17-Jan-02 11:38:44

Thanks Viv. Im sure I will go ahead and do it and I will be back asking questions if thats ok.

pamina Thu 17-Jan-02 11:43:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Viv Thu 17-Jan-02 11:49:50

Good luck Joe1 and I echo what pamina says, if you get stuck you know where we are.

Joe1 Thu 17-Jan-02 11:58:31

Ah thanks guys. I have done some book work before and love reconciliations, so Im hoping I will be able to get through the course ok.

pamina Thu 17-Jan-02 11:59:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Joe1 Thu 17-Jan-02 12:01:16

Yeah no worries Pamina.

ChanelNo5 Thu 17-Jan-02 13:47:48

Pamina- I'm just going to interrupt this thread for some meaningless banter as I see this is the one you're currently posting on. I haven't logged on for a few days, but see I've missed quite a carry-on on the working mums thread, it was giving me palpitations just reading it! Anyway, you're not really going are you? Who will I be able to discuss my June Whitfield/Tiny Tears problems with? Not to mention my eating and naff present addiction? Anyway if you do go, I'll be forced to e-mail through Mumsnet (and I might just anyway, if dh shows me how!), so hah, no escape from the dreaded Chanel. Keep your pecker up, matey, speak to you later!

pamina Thu 17-Jan-02 14:15:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ChanelNo5 Thu 17-Jan-02 16:38:15

Yes Pamina - I'm hoping to collect the whole set of those tasteful figurines. I thought they would be a lovely legacy for all the Chanelno5 descendants. Those, and of course, the gorgeous Grim Reaper water fountain. Hope it wouldn't course a big family rift though, as everyone rushes to get their hands on the best ones! Anyway, glad your feeling better. I too, stay away from the more confrontational discussions, as to be quite honest, they scare the pants off me. I'm much more at home with a nice bit of harmless waffle. Talking of waffles (which BTW, I can't eat at the moment as they are packed full of carbs, don't you know, sweetie) the diet is going well. Am gorging myself on a variety of lardy cheese (Camembert, Brie, I won't go on and torture you) and do seem to be getting slimmer, or atleast my 'saddlebags' seem to be smoothing down. Now I just look as though I've got a couple of sackfuls of spuds down my jeans, instead of a whole cart load! As for falling down a grate - I wish - but I'm working on it. How's yours going? Hope you were'nt driven to seek out choc during your recent time of stress, says I, Mrs Virtuous-haven't-had-any-since-Jan6, (choc, that is, you wicked woman!)

AliH Fri 18-Jan-02 13:21:30

Viv - Thanks, you have given me a great way to try to find part-time work. I left a senior Finance role just over two years ago, and desperately want to do something, but part time. Pamina, you are right, accountancy needs more Mums, since Companies seem to shun anything but full time work. Are you full or part-time?

Good luck with the course Viv, accountants are always needed, in good times to count the beans, and in bad to liquidate the company!

pamina Fri 18-Jan-02 15:17:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Viv Mon 21-Jan-02 12:02:40

Hi, AliH, goodluck with the hunting for work and heres to Mumsnet 'number crunchers!'

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