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good idea for BBc2 documantary

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codswallop Mon 19-Jan-04 14:59:42

Reading steppemums playgoup setting up thread had me thnking this would make a really intersting documantary series.
Remember the thread about different parctices in differnt countries?

they culd have a country a week and show how child rearing/educatimg practices vary form culture to culture

anyone a film maker?

M2T Mon 19-Jan-04 15:01:34

Isn't Thomcat something to do with films?

codswallop Mon 19-Jan-04 15:43:54

I reckon it would ve good - like the a child of our time but international

JanH Mon 19-Jan-04 15:55:48

I "know" someone who is (poster on another MB) - it would be fascinating, but it would take a lot of setting up and cost a fortune. And wouldn't appeal to a wide enough audience for them to justify it (such a lot of moaning in the press lately about nobody watching BBC3 and 4, wasting licence-payers' money etc.)

SHIREENSMOM Mon 19-Jan-04 16:38:26

i think they should do one on how hard it is for oeople of different relions to be together

twiglett Mon 19-Jan-04 16:40:47

message withdrawn

Roscoe Mon 19-Jan-04 16:52:56

I'd love to see how steppemum gets on with her new playgroup too. Maybe some kind of website with regular updates?

SHIREENSMOM Mon 19-Jan-04 17:07:55

what about people of different colour

SHIREENSMOM Mon 19-Jan-04 17:08:33

twiglet if you dont mind me asking what religion are you and your dh pr dp

suedonim Mon 19-Jan-04 17:24:08

My ds1 is married to a Jewish girl, whilst my ds2 has a Muslim girlfriend. We're nominally Christian. There haven't been any problems as yet. Coincidentally, Ds1's mil works as a counsellor to people in mixed religion marriages.

SenoraPostrophe Mon 19-Jan-04 17:26:22

JanH - I don't know - they could pitch it as a new twist on the Living the Dream/Relocation genre (but it would have the bonus of being EDUMACASHIONAL). It could be a mix of ex-pats like me whinging about their practices and foreigners in the UK whinging about ours.

It can be endlessly fascinating. I used to teach English as a foreign language and always asked the students about UK vs. their country type stuff. Once I asked what they thought was the strangest thing about the UK and one girl said (angrily) "You keep your children on *leads* like *dogs* ". made me laugh.

codswallop Mon 19-Jan-04 18:24:37

but hte different countries different practices threadWAs fascinating .. wasnt it?

May go off and find it

JanH Mon 19-Jan-04 18:58:20

Fascinating to us, coddy, but there's only 20,000 of us max! (mumsnetters that is, not parents.) Are all the relocation type programmes on commercial stations? The one I "know" is BBC. And I don't know her well enough to say "oy, you, make this programme!"

What about aloha and MI and any other lovely journos we know? They must know lots of meejah types?

Senora P, I like the dog lead comment too!

motherinferior Mon 19-Jan-04 21:37:30

I think - from my former press officer days - that it would be a goer, but pretty expensive to do. Don't know any telly types any more, I don't think. The printed word, that's what I do.

bundle Tue 20-Jan-04 17:30:35

I work in radio and it sounds just like the sort of thing you hear a lot of on the World Service, dependent on the strength of the characters you 'meet'and the kind of access you can get. I agree it would be pricey for tv, but very possible on radio

codswallop Tue 20-Jan-04 18:04:43

hmm bunbdle. NOw i need to pitch it!

And my other inventions - have I bored you all with htese?

steppemum Wed 21-Jan-04 15:46:44

If mumsnetters found it fascinating, wouldn't other mums (parents) too?

When we find a place to rent (hopefully in the next 3 weeks) and open up, I'll do a "what not to do at a mums and toddlers in Central Asia thread!"

Now, all I need to do is work out where to buy kids paints.....

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