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Beyonce tickets

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zooeysalinger Sat 23-Feb-13 14:28:00

Hi both my husband and I sat on different computers on Thursday morning to try and get beyonce tickets but were not lucky. Today my daughter at uni and I again sat on two different computers trying to get beyonce tickets from ticketmaster. I got through at 9.31 ( they went on sale at 9.30) and was entering the code at 9.33 only to be told they were sold out ! Ihad put in for best available tickets at any price in order to increase my chances. I carried this on at least 10 times and was told there were no tickets each time . My daughter w trying for the same venue a day earlier but had the same problem . It is galling to hear that there were limited numbers available as the vast majority went pre sale. I cannot understand why at 9.33 they were not available and feel very disappointed with beyonce that the general public who buy her records cannot get any because of pre-sales ( probably to celebrities) . I shall be so cross if the likes of Gmtv, loose women, this morning etc all start saying how wonderful she was when I very much doubt they wasted their time trying to get tickets . Btw we had no intention of selling these on just enjoying a good night out .

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